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There is nothing like power should return to the south. There are three regions in the south so which south ?

It is very clear that one region in the south is yet to get the same power so it is bunkum talk to say zone it to the south and then throw it open for southerners. In that case, it is as good as throwing it open for the whole country.

Any talk about zoning the power to the south without specific mention of the south east is gibberish.

If justice and fairness is the reason why these people are clamoring for zoning, in the absence of the south east, it is more just and fair for someone from the north central or north east to be president than anyone from the south south or south west.

This is because since the return to democratic rule, the North East, North Central and South East are the three regions that are yet to produce the President.

The South East cannot get this support in the APC and they don’t look likely to get it in the PDP. Instead of insisting on zoning to the south where a south southerner or south westerner is more favored than a south easterner in the grand design of the two major parties, it will amount to another injustice.

Rather than a south southerner or a south westerner, aside the south east, justice and fairness is on the side of the north east and the north central.

Since the south south and south west are unwilling to relinquish power to the south east as they have clearly shown, it will be great injustice in the south if any of these two gets power come 2023.

The next best step for the south east is to align with any of the regions that is yet to produce a president in the North. This will be consistent with the demands for fairness and justice.

In my view, the best of the two northern regions for the south east is the North east. The south easterners in APC should root for a north Eastern Candidate and strike a formidable deal in the negotiation table. The south easterners in the PDP should do the same.

If in the end, the south south and south west refuse to let the south east have their fair chance, the next best step towards a president from the south east is for the easterners to support the north east.

Disclaimer: This View has no regards for your emotions and Sentiments. Thank You.

Okay bye bye

©️ Caleb Onyeabor

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