Abaribe Says Discussions About 2023 Presidency Is A Distraction.

By Chinenye Festus:-
There has been debate over who takes the mantle of leadership from President Muhammadu Buhari and from which region the next president should emerge come 2023. Senator Enyinnaya Abaribe, the senate majority leader has lent his voice to this controversial matter.
Abaribe said debating over this at this time is irrelevant, he calls on this administration to focus on solving problems currently facing Nigeria as the talks on 2023 is a huge distraction.
Recall that prominent Nigerians were seen in the past few weeks making comments about who takes over the leadership in Aso Rock as Nigeria’s Leader.

Abaribe disclosed this in an interview with Nigerian Tribune. He said: “Look at this big problem of insecurity facing us but we leave it and start to go to Afghanistan of who becomes president. So you could see that it’s also a ploy by the government to direct attention and direct thoughts and direct people to be shouting over inanities and prompting Mamman Daura to come and make that statement (that Nigerian presidency needs not to be rotated between the North and South). And so the discussion was then diverted from the current issues of security, poverty, etc.
That is why I’m telling you not to be deceived because we are being led astray from the failings of this government but I will not be led astray. When the right time comes to deal with the matter of who will take over in this country, I will be part of those that will also make my voice heard but as at today, I’m asking the Buhari government “face your front; deal with the problem that we have. The economic problems, security problems, and every other problem. So, don’t send us into Afghanistan.”

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