Agitations In Southeast: You cannot kill an ideology with a gun – Gov. Soludo

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Anambra State Governor, Prof . Chukwuma Soludo has bared his mind on the recent agitations in the South-East region of the country.

Soludo, while speaking in an interview on Channels Television, made it known that brute force alone cannot douse agitations in the region.

On how he can quench the agitations, the governor revealed that his government is setting up a truth and reconciliation commission as part of measures to tackle the rising levels of agitations in the region.

He said “A time comes when you realise that you cannot shoot an ideology with a gun. When you see it exclusively as a law enforcement matter, then you miss the point.

“We got to engage them; we got to engage everyone to really understand the root of this.”

On what the commission will focus on, the governor said it will look into the root causes of the agitations and document those killed in the past few years due to the tensions in the area.

Soludo further averred that threats are “existential” in nature and thus should not be papered over. He also called on everyone to help the government in proffering solutions to the challenges facing the nation.

Soludo added “We don’t want to treat all these people as statistics.

“To the criminals, we are offering an olive branch to repent.

“So, to them, we are also saying ‘We are not condemning you, sin no more. Come out today, surrender those arms, we want to engage you back in society’

“This is something that we need to engage very seriously and in an open manner to engage everyone, believing that everyone has something to contribute”

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