AKBC DG lays foundation for the Ultra-modern Edifice of Pentecostal Christian Life Church in Abak.

By Divine Sam.

The director General of Akwa Ibom Broadcasting Cooperation Pastor Anietie Ukpe has performed the foundation laying ceremony for over 500- seater capacity of Pentecostal Christian Life Church in Abak LGA

Pastor Ukpe, performing the foundation laying ceremony, drew inspiration from First Chronicles, chapter 17: 12-14. He described God as a master builder who works in partnership with men and a rewarder of those who are in partnership with Him when He is building.

He thanked God for finding in the general overseer Bishop Dr. Emmanuel Edu, a partner to build a temple and assured that the place of worship will be built whether the devil like it or not.

The man of God charged the people under the mini3 to join forces with the general overseer in building the temple, saying that their reward will be outstanding.

The AKBC DG pastor Anietie Ukpe performing the laying of the foundation while the General oversee of the ministry Bishop Emmanuel Edu watch

In his ministration, the guest minister Bishop Dr. Godwin Akpaniko, who, ministered on the theme
“Understanding the principles of foundation” and driven his text from
1st Timothy 6:19, explained that Some persons do not have financial foundation that’s why suffering is inevitable.

Bishop Akpaniko, who is the general Overseer of Royal Family, while congratulating Bishop Emmanuel Edu, also stressed that everyone need to lay a solid foundation. He said “until you lay a better foundation, prayer will become a Labour”

In an address by the Chairman of the Central working Committee Evang. Nsidibe Daniel, noted that apart from marking the first anniversary of the great commission, it also offers the platform for the foundation laying of the Ultra-modern Church complex.

The General oversee of the ministry Bishop Emmanuel Edu and his dear wife pastor Ngozi Edu enjoying the high quality praises during the service.

He said the celebration is significant to the spiritual wellbeing of the members because it provides the opportunity for members to participate fully in the blessing implication as they doles out their finances to support the church building.

He said the Ultra-modern will come with well furnished facilities that will enhance the free flow of worship without distraction, again the Edifice will also boost the infrastructural development of the immediate community, and by so doing propel the vision of the ministry to reach out to the people.

He thanked the visionary leader of the ministry Bishop Emmanuel Edu, especially for his courage, determination, ruggedness and capacity to the advancement of the Kingdom.

Bishop Emmanuel Edu, in his address, disclosed that the construction of the Worship Centre is solely to sprang up the ministry which came on board after the crossover night on 31st December, 2020 as a result of some unusual miracle and God’s divine presence occurred during the programme.

The AKBC DG pastor Anietie Ukpe making remarks during the foundation laying ceremony

“when our first Sunday service started, the members didn’t mind worshipping God joyfully in an opened space and I keep preaching under hot atmosphere for two Sunday service before the members came up with the idea of erecting a temporary structure”

“Brethren, the church is now calling you all to support the construction of this Ultramodern temple for worship centre as king Hiram supported King David and King Solomon to build for God, the temporary structure is not even accommodating the present population as many new souls are weekly added to the church. I know together we can build our dream worship centre”

He said that the cost of the ecumenical centre is higher, and called on corporate organisations, non-governmental organisations, philanthropists and political appointees at federal and state levels

” I join my faith with my the men of the God as we do this the Bible says the Lord shall give us the hidden treasures of darkness and riches in secret places so that Akwa Ibom might experience prosperity, wealth, it might be well with our children, create jobs for our people and better living irrespective of the world’s economy”

Interestingly, the ceremony features, the official laying of the foundation by the director General of Akwa Ibom State broadcasting cooperation Pastor Anietie Ukpe, raising of funds to support the project, choir ministrations, high quality praise and lots more to mark the occasion.

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