An Open letter to Governor Okezie Ikpeazu of Abia state

By Enyinnaya Nwosu

Dear Sir,

Compliments of the season to you and your family. We thank God for keeping all of us alive to see the end of this year. May our next year be better.

Sir let me first congratulate you on some of the good jobs you have done. I have seen some of the roads and structures you have put in place.

However, there is so much yet to be done. Time is no longer on your side, your tenure is fast running out.
Therefore, Sir, I want to suggest to you to make 2021 a performance year. My advice would be for you to break the year into 4 months. Set out projects that must be completed quarterly. Make it public and let the people be the judge.
This way, we will know exactly what to expect from your government every quarter so we can judge if you are working or not.

Secondly, at the moment we have newly elected LGA chairman. We would want to see them perform better than their predecessors. In the past, LGAs complain of lack of funding /undue influence from the state government. We want to see a more vibrant LGA that can actually take on projects. The LGA is the closest government to the people and the people should feel the impact of government. In most LGAs the only good thing is the big black jeep of the chairman. In 2021, we want to see projects worthy to be called projects completed by LGAs. You should mandate each local government to commission at least one project every quarter.

Thirdly is Umuahia as the state capital. The city needs an uplift. There is no reason why the Okpara avenue/bank road from FMC Umuahia to Okpara Square cannot be expanded. What we have at the moment is a single road that was divided into two. In fact, the concrete used to divide the road helped to reduce the size of the road. You use this road every day and so would appreciate what I am talking about.

The government house is another thing that needs to be moved. Abia state by now should have a permanent government house. I had expected that your predecessors would have thought it wise to do that. This is an opportunity to print your name in marble as the governor that built a government house. Moving the government house will also reduce the pressure on Okpara avenue /Bank Road.

The importance of Aba cannot be overemphasised. As “Aba boy” you know the problem of Aba more than anyone. I thank you for the roads you have done so far in Aba, unfortunately, there are more roads to be done in Aba. The city has been neglected by all previous governments. A good road network in Aba will bring developments into Aba. I must commend you on the “clothing making initiative” ongoing in Aba. You must be happy with the success so far recorded and how many jobs been created. Worthy of mentioning is also what your appointee Sam Hart is doing promoting made in Abia goods and services. More energy and resources should be channelled into this.

We also want to see more cottage industries spring up in Abia State. I will suggest that factories like Keke assembly plant can be built in Abia state in partnership with the private sector. If this is successfully executed, it can serve the whole of South-East and South-South and it will create massive employment and Empowerment.

Sir I would not want to take your time further. I wish you well because if you succeed, we all succeed and your failure is our failure.
Remember, this is an opportunity to write your name in gold.

God bless Abia.

Kind regards
Enyinnaya Nnaemeka Nwosu ENN
Ebube Agu na eche Agu

Cc Onyebuchi Ememanka Chief Press Secretary to the governor.

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