APC In Rivers State Expresses Worry Over Gov Wike’s Purchase Of Cars For Judges In The State.

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The Rivers State Chapter Of the All Progressives Congress (APC) has described the purchase of cars for Judges in the State by Governor Wike as a “Greek Gift” and that they are worried about it.
According to the party’s spokesman, Hon Ogbonna Nwuke, who made it known to THE WHISTLER in an interview on Monday.
He said Governor Wike’s handling of the presentation of the operational vehicles to serving Judges has left much to be desired.

“It is not the acquisition of SUVs for Judges which has sparked off some controversy.
It is obvious, from unfolding events, that the Governor’s utterances during the occasion of the official handover of the said vehicles have more than anything else, aggravated public reactions.
“We have nothing against the Judiciary or Judges who are beneficiaries of car gifts that we have reason to believe was intended to enhance their performance, mobility, dedication, and commitment to duty. We are nonetheless appalled by the unnecessary and uncharitable remarks credited to the Rivers Governor.
“Judges are learned in every sense. They understand the basis of the sacred oath which requires them to dispence justice to all manner of people. Thus, in executing this weighty responsibility expected of them under the law, they bear a unique burden.
“We are however worried by the nature of the condescending lecture that Governor Nyesom Wike presented to the Judiciary at the occasion. Rather than concentrating on the assignment of presenting vehicles to deserving judges, the Governor spent valuable time soliciting.
“The responsibility of the Judiciary is clearly mapped out. What kind of cooperation was Governor Wike suing for in his rigorous speech? Is it necessary for a man who has presented gifts to another to recount in public, how much he has done for a beneficiary? Such an antic which allows one to act as a town crier when showering gifts on another is completely unAfrican.”

Hon. Ogbonna said that the party believes strongly that Governor Wike was spinning a dangerous web” which would form the political template for 2023.

” The intention behind the speech credited to him, in our view, was to subtlely draft the Judiciary into what is obviously a plot to compromise its officials. If the Judiciary exists to dispense justice and our dear Governor recognizes this fundamental fact even as a lawyer, we urge him to explain his motive for seeking collaboration and understanding on the part of the Judges now that he has fulfilled what he described as his promise,” he said.

Moreover, he said the party suspects that the governor was struggling very hard to appeal for or work on the emotions of Judicial officials serving in the State.

” This is not what we expect of a Governor who spoke glowingly about the need for Judges to be impartial and apolitical. The State Governor cannot afford to probate and reprobate at the same time,” he added.

However, the APC spokesman expressed
confidence that Judges who not be compromised by the sentiments expressed by the governor.