APC to Ikpeazu: Fire your COS, suspension not enough

By Simdi Gloria:-

The All Progressives Congress(APC) Abia State Chapter has called on the state Governor, Okezie Ikpeazu, to sack his Chief of Staff, Dr. Anthony Agbazuere.

Benedict Godson, The Abia APC Publicity Secretary said in a Press release, “the party “received the news of the suspension of ACB Agbazuere, Chief of Staff to Governor Okezie Ikpeazu with surprise because the action that led to the suspension demands that he should be sacked immediately.

“We’ve been complaining about the irrationality of the officials of this PDP-led administration, but people don’t understand. What our people saw in the video is just the tip of the iceberg to their squandermania nature.

“What the Chief of Staff to Governor Okezie Ikpeazu did was a huge slap on the faces of Abia health workers and other government workers that are being owed backlogs of salaries.

“He has insulted workers at HMB, Abia Poly, and other people who are dying of hunger. He should be sacked, and his sack letter made public.

“So, the government has money to waste while our people are dying of hunger with our state looking like a war-ravaged zone.

The Chief of Staff has money to throw around while our roads are now death traps? What manner of wickedness is this? We’re calling for two things today;

“Okezie Ikpeazu should sack his Chief of Staff without further delay, and let the Government render an unreserved apology to Abians between today Sunday, and tomorrow Monday because this is extremely provoking.”

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