Boko Haram: Nigerian Soldiers Secretly Absconding From Service, Heads To Europe, America For Greener Pasture

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The Nigerian army unfortunately could be heading to golgotha as some of its personnel are secretly absconding from active service, a military source told Elombahnews.

Elombahnews gathered that most of the officers who were posted to the war theatre in Borno are secretly absconding from service in search of greener pasture in Europe, America and other African countries.

A military source who spoke with Elombahnews on the condition of anonymity said a lot of officers without formal resignation are secretly absconding from service because of poor working condition, coupled with the bizarre manner the dreaded Boko Haram sect have been slaughtering them in the war front.

“There is no need hiding from an obvious truth. We are badly treated here. We beg and fight to get our allowance. Eating good food here is a mirage. We buy our uniforms and jungle boot. This place is oyo (On your own).

“You can imagine this, some of my colleague who took excuse and left the camp never returned again. We have been calling to reach some of them but their mobil numbers are switched off. This is getting to three months, nobody has heard from them”.

The source continued, “I was surprised the very day one of my friend who left the camp here in Borno to see his family called me after one week from Europe. I was confused, I asked him where he was, he said he is presently in one of the European nation. I was mum for over two minutes without saying anything.

“When I asked him why he absconded from service to travel to Europe, he clearly told me that he can’t be fighting to defend a country that care less about him. I can’t fight and die for a country that will treat me like a swine if I should die eventually in the war front.

“This has become so common in the army now. I can count over ten persons that I know apart from stories I have heard from others”.

When the source was asked if the the military top brass are aware of what is going on, it said yes but there is quietness and suspicion in the inner circle of the army over the situation.

“Even the senior officers are confused on what to do. There is quietness and suspicion as some of them have devised another measure of not granting permission to officers to see their families. Many have been tied down in the camp without the hope of seeing their loved ones for the time being”.

Meanwhile, when Elombahnews also questioned the source why some of these officers who absconded secretly without resigning officially chose to leave the country to Europe, it said is for safety reason as their lives could be in danger in Nigeria

“They could be tracked and killed. So the only way to remain alive is to travel out of the country and start a new life”.

However, since the war against Boko Haram started, the Nigerian military has boasted on several occasions that the terror sect has been decimated and pushed down to lake chad but recent activities of the group has discredited the statements of the Nigerian military high command.

The Issue of corruption 
It is on record that between 2012 and 2019, the Nigerian military has received a whopping sum of 4.5 trillion naira in budgetary allocation.
Security experts have continued to wonder why Boko Haram group is still waxing strong when the military has received a huge budgetary allocation in the last nine years with nothing serious on ground to show for it.
A very disturbing situation that has further put a question mark on the issue of corruption which is allegedly common in the stratum of the military.

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