Breaking: Nigeria Students’ Banned Kyari From Visiting Universities In Nigeria. – By Divine Sam.

Students of the University of Nigeria has banned the chief of staff to the president Abba Kyari from entering any University in Nigeria.
In a letter signed by Ibrahim Muhammad Lawal said, its a protest to his actions and inaction as leaked by the letter reference above by office of the national security adviser, as such Nigeria universities student’s should take note and resist any move by the person in question to visit any university in Nigeria pending the withdrawal of their actions.
He added that NAUS Senate Director for girl child Education and humanitarian crisis confirm to us that, our fellow students were still in the den of Terrorist and were not rescue as to the time, that we write this statement.
Neither Rhetoric nor coercion will serve us now, we must unite and decide whether we shall remain cripple or move to participate in our own healing, as such NAUS has taken the challenge to agitate for the restructuring of national security framework.
We warn with loud voice, any individual or groups of person’s, who are ready to trade( by collecting money) at the expense of life’s of our fellow citizens to defend the service chiefs, no matter how placed you think you are, Nigeria Universities student’s will disgrace you in public and dealt with you decisively.
We should all know that there is a world waiting for us: one is the world of our children, not yet born or just beginning, but wanting to live, to grow, to become their best possible selves, this will not happen unless our society is secure. Aluta continua.
The letter was signed by Ibrahim Muhammad Lawal ESA, SRA.