Commissioning Of Uncompleted Enugu Int’l Airport: We Are Our Worst Enemies – By Machi Pius Igwe

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When I heard about the recommissioning event of the Akanu Ibiam International Airport I was confused but chose to remained silent. Reason was, I was just minding my business lately but the fact remains that things got worse when people that are supposed to talk kept mute.
What is the big deal in calling stakeholders and VIPs to commission a haphazardly refurbished airport? It was nothing but to score cheap political point where none exist. It must have been the wantonness of the Enugu State Governor; HE Ifeanyi Ugwuanyi to show some stupid loyalty to Aso Rock after the hewing down of many youth members of IPOB in cold blood right under his nose. He wanted to show President Buhari that he got the massacre under check and nobody is going to talk.
I was in Lagos few years ago and have been a constant visitor to the Murtala Muhammed International Airport Ikeja at both MM1 and MM2 wing of the airport and I can tell you that lots of upgrade has been carried on in the airport from 2014 till this moment. It is unfortunate that despite the major renovation, upgrade and enhancements that took place in MMIA we didn’t hear of any fanfare after the work was completed. So why must Gov Ugwuanyi and his inferiority prone advisors stoop so low to celebrate a renovation that is still uncompleted as I pen down this set down?
That is act of strategic sabotage! That is cheap playing to the gallery at the expense of people’s intelligence. I see nothing wrong in celebrating a renovated airport but must they do so even while almost 65% of the work is still ongoing? Let me tell you this and you write it down.. If tomorrow the minister of aviation should stop work at the airport our celebrating governor won’t have the balls or gut to deny that work at the airport was not actually completed before it was commissioned.
It is also now clear that Gov Ugwuanyi was acting the script of his Abuja lords when he quickly rushed to court, obtain a court order, and invoke same to demolish a house belonging to one Arch Emejulu. Arch Emejulu was the man said to have demolished airport fence with court order so in retaliation for FG Gov Ugwuanyi went and demolished the man’s mansion claiming it blocked waterways. Isn’t that act of sabotage and insensitivity! A state govt fighting for FG?

Recall a wildly trended photo of Gov Ugwuanyi meeting with President Buhari at Aso Rock in 2015 during the height of Fulani Herdsmen massacre in Enugu State. Gov Ugwuanyi in that photo was seen bowing low and greeting the president even while almost 10 communities in Enugu state were sacked by rampaging killer herdsmen, lives were lost, people injured and their farmland and houses were destroyed but all Gov Ugwuanyi could do was to go and show some allegiance and solidarity to Aso Rock!
Few weeks ago alleged IPOB members training for kungfu in Enugu state governed by Gov Ugwuanyi were gunned down like pests! Till now; no panel of inquiry was set up, no arrest was made of the trigger happy force officials, the alleged ipob members are still languishing in jail cell without trials. But Gov Ugwuanyi have a mission to complete! He need to show appreciation to FG, first for the successful killings, then for sweeping the killings under carpet, and lastly for an uncompleted refurbishment of the the only international airport in the southeast! Who is our enemies? Are you still searching for them? They are within us….

Checkout the entourage that graced the charade of occasion they tagged “airport commissioning”? It was widely trended that Prince Engr Arthur Eze was there. That is our Igbo billionaires for you, always googling for cheap popularity! Yeah…. After he instigated the failed Gov Willie Obiano vs Traditional Rulers feud in guise of fighting for local govt election he now goes to Enugu State to celebrate an uncompleted refurbishment project. I think it’s high time the youth of our beloved zone wake up to the realities that we are running out of leaders in those old polithiefians!
Check out who else was there…. Most of.those of our politicians that attended the show did so because of twist and turns of 2023. None of them will have balls or gut to condemn the reckless maiming and killings of IPOB members nationwide while those caught in the act Bokko Haram detainees are being released in hundreds daily.
Still on the roll call out are some of our demented media weaklings that took to social media, hyping the political campaign and dance on the grave of dead Igbo youths that took place in Enugu lately. Please nobody should tag me a president Buhari’s hater. I don’t hate him, at least he has initiated some laudable projects throughout the southeast but this was the worst time to celebrate his achievement so far. I saw the news throughout our mediaspace, unlike the trending of the killings that took place in Enugu! So many of these shameful media hawkers took to their hiding during the massacre but troupe out to celebrate an uncompleted project! That was why I captioned this that we are our worst enemies! What do we gain from this acts of hypocrisy and regional sabotage?
Has the killing been done in the US or UK or Canada you will see my lazy, cowardly crumb seeking writers and social media influencers crawling throughout the entire media space trending it to show sympathy. During the US #blacklivesmatter they were there as social and racial injustice crusaders. When it now happened under their legs, they suddenly lost their voices to save their data! It is true that life doesn’t balance but we have been our worst foes from time immemorial. I pray we will change!
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