De Great Daniel Of Worship Taking The Shape Of The Biblical Daniel In Nigeria.

By Divine Sam
Call him the Daniel of this generation and generations to come and you will not be quoted wrong, show me who God has endowed with talents of worship right from birth and you show me Daniel my dear you will damn be right, show me a gift from God and you still show me Daniel Akpan, guess what? you automatically got it right.
I could find no other occasion as ostensible as one which heralds an unprecedented gift launching of a new milieu so passionate and talented in transforming lives spiritually through amazing praises and worship to the creator of the universe and his name is Daniel Monday Akpan (De great Daniel)

Great Daniel with parents and siblings     

For those who understand the passion that gingers worship will perhaps foresee it with the biblical Daniel and probably reason with me that there is a God in heaven who gives talents, not just giving, he built it, not just building it, He superintends over it. Daniel Monday Akpan aka De great Daniel is a typical example.
Born on the 26th January 2009, at Apapa area of Lagos State, to the family off Evangelist & Mrs. Monday Akpan Ofum, of Midim Waterside in Abak Local government area of Akwa Ibom State, Nigeria. De great Daniel raised up under the influence of his parents who are currently in the Lord’s vineyard. This is another Genesis of ” doing the work of my father” as earlier said by Our dear Saviour Jesus Christ.
Presently, Daniel is 11 years old and a JS2 student at St. Paul Comprehensive Secondary school Ikot Ekpene, Akwa Ibom State.
DE great Daniel in spiritual demonstration

Daniel’s passion for praises and worship in the Gospel entertainment industry took off when he was less than seven through his regular inspirations and featuring in the children’s Choir and other congregational presentations.
As he grew up, he started singing gospel music and featuring in various gospel exercises across and beyond the Methodist Church platform, where his biological parents are servants in the hands of God.
Daniel Akpan is one of the best talents in Akwa Ibom State and Nigeria at large. His first public outing at the age of 6 years old, was at Methodist Church Nigeria, Etinan, 31st December 2015 cross overnight service in a large mammoth audience and congregations who were carried away under the inspiration of this teenage performance on the stage to minister Christ to the world.
DE great Daniel as his stage name goes, in one of his performances in Akwa Ibom State, his dazzling performance caught the attention of the wife of the governor who hugged and embraced him. The wife of the executive Governor Mrs. Martha Udom Emmanuel, therefore, recommended Daniel Akpan for invitations across the state and the country in extension to do exploit in the gospel.
Photo of De great Daniel being acknowledge by the wife of the Governor of Akwa Ibom State Mrs Martha Udom Emmanuel and the deputy Governor Mr. Moses Ekpo

The video depicted the young Daniel Akpan at his display during Christmas carol at Nsit ubiom in 2019.
De great Daniel has performed in various ceremonies in and outside of the state box and he is a successful and leading teenager in the gospel entertainment industry precisely in Akwa Ibom State.
Hook up with De great Daniel for any kind of gospel music I bet, your life will never remain the same.
You can as well reach out to him with the following details.
Great Daniel (FB)
0802 258 7858

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