Electricity: Prof. Nnaji Assures There’ll Be No Estiimated Billings, Says Consumers Will Have Metres

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Professor Barth Nnaji, the Chairman, Geometric Power Limited, Aba, has stated that the company will not use estimated billings on electricity consumers, but would ensure that all consumers have metres.

Nnaji who disclosed this at the Geometric Plant in Aba, however, added that where there are no metres, bills will be calculated on the benchmark issued by the National Electricity Regulatory Commission, NERC, until the consumers are provided with metres.

He assured that Geometric Power is committed to providing reliable and quality electricity at regulated prices to its customers in the Aba ring-fenced area covering nine council areas in Abia State.

Nnaji explained that Geometric power Limited, is the only power distribution company, Disco,  in the country with its own power plant with 141MW capacity and licensed to produce 181MW.

He also disclosed that the company has a new power firm known as Aba Power which is the 12th Disco in Nigeria with new power plants built in Ogbor Hill, Factory Road, Osisioma Ngwa and Port Harcourt Road areas of Aba.

In his words; “It is our goal to ensure that consumers are metered. But where there are no meters, our bills will be within the benchmark set by the regulatory authorities, the National Electricity Regulatory Commission, NERC, until the consumers in question are provided with meters
“Aba people have suffered much because of lack of regular power supply. So our core mission is to partner with all relevant stakeholders to end this development in all our areas of coverage, which are the 9 local councils that make up Abia South for now. In the next 4 to 6 months, Geometric Power will come fully on stream and these areas of coverage will begin to enjoy an uninterrupted power supply.

“But as time goes on, we hope to expand our operations to cover other areas of the state, and also connect to the national grid. Our field workers will ensure a prompt response to distress calls from consumers in the event of any faulty or malfunctioning devices. We are ready to change the narrative in the power generating and distribution chain in Aba and environs.

“Geometric Power Limited will provide reliable and quality electricity. We have taken over from the EEDC. We are now in charge of the Aba ring-fenced area. A new power company was created, it is called Aba Power, it is the 12th Disco in Nigeria. We have built power stations in Aba; Ogbor Hill, Factory road, Osisioma Ngwa and Port Harcourt road.  We can only get the real Japan of Africa in Aba when we get quality electricity. Geometric Power is built with 141MW, and we are licensed to produce 181MW.

“South East gets less than 300MW from the national grid. Lagos takes about 1,000MW out of the 3,000MW generated in the country. Geometric Power already has 141MW built. When you divide the national generation for the South East by 5, Abia State gets around 60MW, but Geometric Power has provided 141MW for Aba ringed fenced area. The Company will run on a 27-kilometre gas pipeline from Owaza to the power plant at Aba. The turbines are built with Boeing 747 engines. Aba will be the first city to have reliable and quality electricity in Nigeria.’’

In his remarks, Managing Director, Distribution, Aba Power, Patrick Umeh, disclosed that the company is privately owned and has no excuse not to perform its obligation to customers.

He pledged that there will be a change in service delivery as the company will help to revive moribund businesses in the Aba ring-fenced area and relieve the financial burden on customers.

Emphasizing that the company has a policy of relating with its customers as partners, the Chief Security Officer of the company, Air Commodore Maduabuchi Orji- Ude,rtd, tasked consumers to protect power facilities from vandals and reported suspected criminals to security agents.

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