Femi Adesina: Buhari’s failure should knock you all into coma for 600 years, by Kalu Idika

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As a writer, there are some issues I no longer react to. I have come to realise that it is better to stand by the corner and observe some certain political drama while it unfold.
I have also come to realise that no amount of constructive criticism can change a government that is being championed by unsavoury Draculas. Rule of law and due process means nothing to them. Rather than listen to the voice of reason, they will resort to brutal force and destruction just to massage the ego of a very unpopular government.
This commentary was inspired by a comment an angry Nigerian made in a post made by Femi Adesina on his Facebook page. The post was captioned: “How President Buhari Is Tackling Food Inflation In The Country.” The content of the post infuriated this young Nigerian so much that he blatantly told Femi Adesina: “The Gross Failure Of This Administration Should Knock You All Into Coma For 600 Years.”
Yes, this young Nigerian could not be far from the truth. The gross failure of President Muhammadu Buhari administration should completely knock all the eggheads running the government into coma for 600 years. They have failed Nigerians. There is nothing good to write about this administration. Is it in security, fight against corruption, food security, rule of law, power/infrastructure, the administration of Buhari has consistently performed below average.
If there is any atom of shame in this administration, Buhari and his cabinet should have resigned and tendered a heartfelt apology to Nigerians for destroying the little legacy President Goodluck Jonathan left behind. The administration of Buhari has brought more pain and hardship to Nigerians.
Some of the lies Nigerians were told against the government of Jonathan have finally become the road map of Buhari’s administration. Jonathan’s government was accused of being weak in tackling Boko Haram menace but today the terror movement has dealt with the so called government of a former general. Not only that, bandits which Jonathan’s government never gave a breathing space are waxing so strong. Killing and displacing innocent citizens at ease from their ancestral homes. There is high level of insecurity across the country. Nigerians are living in great fear.
Official corruption is more pronounced. Buhari said he will fight corruption but his kitchen cabinet is outrightly enmeshed in a stupendous corruption. Buhari is more engrossed in chasing shadows in the name of war against corruption. The likes of Babachir (former Secretary to the Government of the Federation) whose case have been swept under the carpet is there but nobody is probing him. The rate of looting in this present administration is alarming. It wasn’t like this in Jonathan’s government. At least, government officials were stealing with fear but in the one of Buhari, government officials loot with impunity because nobody has the ball to call them to order. Corruption has beaten Buhari’s administration flawlessly.
What about in the aspect of food security? Jonathan’s administration made sure Nigerians had enough to eat. Rice, yam, garri and other food items were so affordable in the market. But unfortunately today, Nigeria is even borrowing grains from ECOWAS so that they can feed their hungry and frustrated population. A clear testament of a failed and clueless government. Nigerians are so hungry coupled with COVID-19 pandemic that has led to loss of jobs. Nothing is been done to help Nigerians out of this present precarious situation. Instead, the administration of Buhari laced in their incompetence is taxing Nigerians the more under this suffocating and dwindling global economic brouhaha. Faceless and inhuman government.
No power for industries. The power sector is in comatose. I could remember during the All Progressives Congress campaign in 2015 when the former minister of power, Babatunde Fashola said it will only take a serious government six months to fix the issue of electricity in Nigeria. But when the mantle was handed over to him, he could not even sustain the 5000 megawatts of electricity that was bequeathed to him by his predecessor. Electricity generation had never improved since this government that thrive on propaganda came on board. The administration of Buhari has been giving one parochial excuse to another while Nigerians will still remain in darkness. Nigerians are paying higher tariffs for absolute darkness.
When it comes to rule of law, sensitive Nigerians will agree with me that Buhari’s government has no iota of respect for the law. No respect for court injunctions. There is brazen disobedience for due process, stifling of press freedom, arrest of oppositions on trump up charges and abuse of human rights through the use of coercive apparatus of the state. Millions of Nigerians are living in fear because of state intimidation. We have return to the days of military junta when no bloody civilian dare question the actions of the military ruler.
When it comes to infrastructure, there is nothing good to tell. Most of the projects Buhari’s government claimed to have executed was initiated by the past administration of Jonathan. I have not seen any project Buhari’s government initiated and completed. Nigerians are yet to see the much touted projects executed by Buhari’s led government. If I’m wrong in this categorical statement, Femi Adesina should invite me for an evaluation tour so that I can validate all the projects his boss claimed to have executed.
However, if there is any shame at all within the circle of APC leadership, the gross failure of this administration should knock of all them into coma for 600 years. They have failed Nigerians perfectly.
. Idika, a journalist and public commentator, writes from Kalunwokoroidika@yahoo.com.
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