First Lady Energy”: Regina Daniels Shares Wrappers to Women As Hubby Hosts Dignitaries in His State

The actress, who was wearing a stunning attire, stood by her husband as they greeted dignitaries who had come to join them in their celebration.

In order to make sure that every woman who attended the event left with a wrapper and other items, Regina was subsequently spotted with other girls.

The actress’ mum, Rita Daniels, also showed up to support her daughter.

Regina wrote: “We hosted the great people of Anioma. It was a really beautiful gathering. In attendance were our Executive Governor and his deputy, the Dein of Agbor and other Traditional leaders, the members of the House of Representatives and house of Assembly, party Leaders, other dignitaries and the good people of Anioma. I thank everyone who came out to show their support ” 

Watch the video here: