Friendship/Relationship Teaching With Pst Mrs. Banke Bello.

By Divine Sam:-
Who is a friend? This was how Pastor Mrs. Banke Taiwo Bello begins her message title “friendship/Relationship”
Pastor Mrs. Bello is the wife of the senior pastor and general oversee of Light Impact Church Ibadan, Oyo state capital, Nigeria.

She is entrusted upon with the gift of ministerial teachings on workable and successful relationships and marital optimum by the Holy Spirit, this is unconnected with the gift of prophecy of which she has been a trove in the hands of God that has been using her mightily to administer and profuse results-oriented solutions to people. Indeed Pastor Banke has been a great blessing to families, individually and collectively. Without misusing words, I refer you to life touching testimonies as enough evidence to prove.
In her teachings on Wednesday 9th, September 2020 at Light Impact Church where she’s equally a co-pastor, Banke wakes-up the minds of both singles and married people in what friendship and relationship entail.
The woman of God who was so moved by the spirit made it known to her Listeners that It’s better to be single than to married a wrong person that does not affiliate with a friendly spirit. She said Some marriages have led to untimely marriage and some cases result in an untimely death.

members receiving the teachings

She noted that one who is considered as a friend is one that loves and stands for at any circumstances.
She interchangeably differentiates the occurrence between Crush, infatuation, loose, and true love in the ideological comprehensiveness of friendship and relationship, she pointed reasons her single listeners should separate their meaning of friendship from the above categories.
Mrs. Taiwo gist that once somebody is a friend there must be some personality blend of talking for a longer period of time without augmenting rather they keep understanding each other and not like some friends who will talk like few minutes but quarrel for hours as a result of personality clash.
she said some couples in their respective matrimonial homes are leaving like flatmates because of friendlessness charisma among them.
She said, and I quote “If you that wants to be a friend you too must be friendly”
Pastor Mrs. Taiwo equally noted that anybody that must be a qualified friend must possess some qualities of social status, fidelity, and hospitable qualities.
She regretted that someone that is raised under a violence environment can never be a good friend, a child that grew up in the mist fierceness, poignancy, and physical abuse can not be a good friend but always aggressive because he or she has not been given a good example of how life should look like.
She urged her audience to develop the ability of friendliness, social orientations that is capable of bringing out the friendly attributes in them for good and successful relationships and marriages. She noted that people with zero tolerance can never make a good relationship neither be good friends nor make a good marriage.
Any relationship that must be successful each party must learn to have some level of tolerance to blend their personalities.
She asked God for grace as sustainability to every Christian marriage, relationship and friendship.
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