‘I Would Spend My Last Kobo To Defend Chidinma’ – Female Activist vows

Newsie Events Media:

A female activist identified simply as ‘Rita’ has on Sunday, June 26, 2021, come out to voice her concern on the alleged crime labelled on Chidinma, regarding the death of Super TV CEO, Usifo Utaga.

In an intriguing aspect, according to Elombahnews, the feminist activist said she is ready to spend her last kobo defending the 21-year-old Unilag undergraduate, adding that Chidinma is a victim of rape by a sex zealot who took advantage of her.

She stated that if would warrant her to hire 10 SANs to defend her then so be it.

“Looking at this innocent girl alone would tell you that what transpired on that ill-fated day was a clear case of self-defence by the accused. This is an innocent girl who probably may not be too used to having sex with older men now gets smashed by a savage sex-starved lunatic that is high on drugs.

From her narratives this her so-called sugar daddy kept on pestering her for sex and because she refused he pounced on her and hit her head against the wall, if it happens to be your daughter would you take kindly to a 50-year-old dude probably on sex enhancement drugs beating your daughter?”

When asked about the withdrawal of 5 million from the account of the accused she flayed up and said that was a concocted story as the girl only withdrew 380k from his account which probably was the fee for her services rendered.

“I do not subscribe to the media trial of this young and innocent Chidinnma, if it was the other way round and the young girl happens to be the victim would we be hearing this same story from the billionaire CEO? This young girl was a child of circumstance who was brutally raped and in a faceoff leading to self-defence she erroneously killed this rapist.

“There seems to be nobody to defend her, how can a small girl like that just kill such an athletic man? After taking so many drugs this man decided to take advantage of her and she could no longer bear the abuse which led to a series of events that ended in self-defence.

I would dedicate my last kobo to seek justice for Chidinma and even if it would cost me hiring 10 SANs for her defence then so be it.”

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