IPOB Deputy Advocates For Genuine Consultation, Absolute Inclusiveness From Both Upland And Coastal Regions In March For Biafra Restoration.

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The Indigenous People Of Biafra IPOB’s Deputy Leader, Mazi Uche Mefor has pointed out things that must be done now so as to help in facilitating the actualization of Biafra.
He advised Biafrans and IPOB members on having the mentality that other regions that made up Biafra must be duly consulted in and included in matters that affect their lives and that this can be done through their representatives.
The whole part of his message as reported by NN News reads;
Like I have severally opined in different quarters, for Biafra to be restored, there must be genuine consultations, absolute inclusiveness, and participation of all people of Biafra from both upland and coastal regions in the affairs affecting their lives either directly or indirectly through their representatives unless where they clearly say otherwise.
Every form of discrimination must be frowned at. IPOB must dedicate and apply herself absolutely to this all-important and critical process. Enlightenment and sensitization have been done very successfully by IPOB family members and while all these involved a lot of theorizing, it is now time to put them into practice.
The pragmatic approach to all these is now an irreducible minimum.
If we are serious about restoring Biafra, the Gestapo approach, and hawkish manner of administration in place, inconsistent application of rules of engagement seen here and there must cease.
A lot of injustices have been directed against a number of people in IPOB. These must not be overlooked, and we must ignore these to our consternation.
There are clear incidences of abuse of process, there are lies, there are gang-ups against innocent people.
All these and the victimization by some principal officers of their subordinates must stop now while genuine, sincere reconciliatory effort, not stage-managed one put in place.
The principal officers, ordinary IPOB family members must help the leader by giving the right information as appropriate that would subsequently engender sound and informed decision when acted upon.
All these must not be allowed to terribly spiral out of control. There is still chance to rectify all these messes.