Islamic cleric Sheik Murtala Sokoto Says People praising Buhari are liars, hypocrites

By Chinenye Festus:-
In a video making round social media which was obtained by SaharaReporters, An influential Islamic cleric, Sheik Murtala Sokoto, while delivering a sermon to some Muslim youths says that President, Major-General Muhammadu Buhari (retd.), has failed, adding that those who are still praising him saying ‘Sai baba’, are liars and hypocrites.

The cleric stated, “All those saying ‘Sai Baba’ Sai Baba, are liars, useless hypocrites. The man they called ‘Sai Baba’ now cannot even go to Katsina. He (Buhari) knows the anger that will greet him if he goes to Katsina. He also said it is bad that Buhari could no longer visit his home state of Katsina because of the anger and frustration of the people.
“We are praying that Allah guides General Buhari to make amends, to do better as a leader, but if he continues in his ways, we pray Allah to replace him with a better leader. The peak of stupidity is when these people say northerners have been given juicy positions, but those given these juicy positions have betrayed everyone.”
Sokoto added, “Rice, can we feed ourselves? How? They said people should go to the farm but when you go to the farm you will be kidnapped. You (Buhari) said we should cultivate our farms in the North, go and see all over the North. An example is Katsina, go to Sokoto, Zamfara.
“In these places, those who go to the farm are always abducted by criminals and a ransom of N2m to N3m will be made…! How can a village farmer afford N3m? Are we really serious? Because of cruelty and wickedness, they are saying we should be patient, but for how long shall we be more patient? Patience is something the prophet has given us conditions for. We have had enough of this oppressive government.”
He said, “We will continue to talk about Zakat, but first I have to talk to you about the difficult situation our country is in now. The country is in disarray. Is this country not already in trouble? Is that not true? The old man (Buhari) had pushed us all to the wall. Hasn’t he pushed us to the wall? Hasn’t he? Whatever noise that will be made, whatever evil sermon they are giving you is useless. Don’t listen to those stupid excuses that it is Allah that is putting us through this.
“If you believe this illogic; go and take a sword and slaughter a human being and then claim it is Allah that caused it. He who was merciful to people, Allah, will be merciful to him. What point am I trying to make?
“The point is, the poverty and hardship we are facing now are caused by the Federal Government. They claimed there was hardship during the prophet’s time but our suffering today is because borders have been closed. We get food through these borders but they have been closed out of the cruelty of Buhari.”
“Poor Nigerians have you in their tongues every day. They contributed N5,000, N2,000 they financed the campaign of General Buhari. But they are being paid with suffering. Sunnah clerics told us Buhari is a good person, but what we have now is a different Buhari. We pray Buhari changes for better, if not we will pray to Allah to remove him.”

The Cleric, therefore, called on Buhari to change his ways or he will pray to his God to remove him.