Lady restores peace in her marriage after beating up her mother-in-law

Newsie Events Media:

One would have thought that violence in a scenario like this one would be the solution to the problem but the beating a South African lady gave her mother-in-law appears to have resolved the problem of the latter taunting the former in her marriage.

When Twitter user, @TheeLadi’s cousin’s mother-in-law, won’t stop taunting her over her marriage to her son, @TheeLadi’s cousin, who is known to be quite temperamental resorted to boxing her mother-in-law when the chance came.

According to @TheeLadi, her cousin’s mother-in-law and her cousin haven’t been in best of terms for years and because they lived in the same space, her cousin’s marriage was not so peaceful.

There was a brief resolve of the grudge between both women for a while, but it returned when the mother-in-law decided to taunt her daughter-in-law over not baring children and even went as far as bringing another woman for her son to bare him kids.

This action is what led her daughter-in-law into giving a her a serious beating when they were left alone — an action the daughter-in-law denied when she was confronted after the mother-in-law had reported her.

Read the whole thing as shared by @TheeLadi,

My cousin is just one of those people who believe in an eye for an eye. It’s her personal dynamic and if you start with her you better prepare for the aftermath. For instance, a distant uncle tried to beat her once (think she was 9) for being “disrespectful” and she told my uncle gore, “katse e tlo hwa e te ngwapetše” which basically means, “let’s square up!” So yeah she’s just always been like that. However, marriage had tamed her in a way. She has ALWAYS had problems with her mom in-law. Her father in-law would intervene here and there but it wouldn’t help much in the long run. She had never retaliated.


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