More Nigerians have become ‘Biafrans’ under Buhari-led government – Atiku

By Newsie Events Media:

Former presidential candidate under the Peoples Democratic Party, PDP, Atiku Abubakar has stated that under the President Buhari-led administration, more Nigerians are becoming ‘Biafrans.’

He stated this while lamenting that the Buhari-led government has failed to heed the call for restructuring of Nigeria.

The former Vice President, while speaking in Abuja on Thursday, also accused the Buhari-led APC government of failing to respect the constitutional provisions on federal character.

Atiku noted that the symbolic gestures that make ethnic groups feel a sense of belonging have been scorned by the government.

According to Atiku, the result of such action is that “agitations that turned more groups into Biafrans have become even more strident and, in some cases, violent”.

The former Vice President also maintained that restructuring would help fix some of Nigeria’s cultural and regional challenges.

“The fixing or restructuring will help in our nation-building project because it will help to foster a sense of nationhood out of our disparate groups, cultures, religions, and regions.

“We must restructure our country in a manner that allows various segments to develop at their own pace and not be held back by the centre or other segments. Developed segments will spur development in other segments because what they do well will attract the attention of others.
“That may make a Nigerian union more attractive and nation-building easier. Our poor nation-building record should not be an excuse for developmental inaction or backwardness.”

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