Nigeria Desperately Needs An Elite.

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Nigerian journalist and author, David Hundeyin, has responded to the contract document recently released. The document reveals an agreement between former Kogi State Governor Yahaya Bello and the American International School of Abuja. According to the contract, Bello committed to paying $845,000 in advance for school fees.

Reacting to this via his X page, the renowned investigative journalist wrote a piece he titled, “Nigeria desperately needs an elite.

The current excuse for an elite are just poverty-stricken people who happen to have a lot of money. There’s no difference between this stunt by Yahaya Bello and an office assistant who steals the diesel money to buy Frisocrem for his hungry infant at home.

The level of ambition is the same – a simple desire to be able to afford food, accommodation, transport, education, and healthcare. There isn’t even enough sophistication to use layers of separation to give the thing plausible deniability. The hungry thug used his government name to propose an illegal transaction, plus the government names of his children.

Now, an actual (corrupt) elite in a more advanced society would never pay expensive school fees in a direct transfer to the school’s account so that it can be traced to him. It would be one shell corporation registered in the Bahamas, owned by a holding company registered in the British Virgin Islands under the management of a charity registered in the Cook Islands overseen by a law firm in Mauritius that would have influenced a recognised international institution to issue scholarships to the Bello sprogs in an amount that coincidentally matches the AIS fees.

The whole thing would have been set up in a way that would make it nearly impossible to unravel or stop. Instead, this conflict mineral warlord went and did a direct transfer with his name on it, because no matter how much money he has, he is really just a poor man who is tormented by memories of his struggles in poverty.

An illegal mining chieftain like Yahaya Bello has no greater ambition in life than to eat chicken, buy tacky, ostentatious houses, drive tacky, ostentatious cars, send his kids to tacky, ostentatious schools, go on tacky, ostentatious holidays, have intercourse with every woman in the northern hemisphere, and ultimately have a tacky, ostentatious funeral when he dies of coronary heart disease at 64, after which his multiple legitimate and illegitimate children, wives and concubines will begin a multi-decade inheritance struggle over his estate, which – needless to say – will not be covered by his Will, if he has one.

Nigeria is PLEADING for actual elites.

These guys are Igwe Tupac level of parodies.” X @David Hundeyin

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