Nigeria Is a Blessed Nation With disastrous leaders – Pastor Mrs Bello

*** Sues for Christians to be committed in praising God.

By Divine Sam

Nigeria has been described as one of the Nations in the world that is blessed in both mineral resources and abundant human resources that can boost a better economy but, unfortunately, It is being mismanaged by corrupt set of leaders.

Wife of the General Overseer Light impact Church, Pastor Banke Taiwo Bello said this on Sunday 15 August, 2021 while giving sermon as a guest minister in the branch of the church located at Elebu off Akala Expressway Ibadan.

The woman of God said Nigeria is not only blessed with wealth but also with people of intellectual ability in different fields of endeavours

Ministering on the theme ” When Saint Praise” and driven her point from  Paslm 150:1-6 Hebrews 13:15
Act 8:9 and Matthew 15:1 explained that
Praise is an invitation God cannot resist.

She said praises provoke divine instruction from God irrespective of language. God is replying in all  languages.

Pastor Banke Taiwo made it known that God does not refused praise and the fastest way to attract in any circumstances is to engage God in praise.

There’s no condition that should stop any child of God from praising and as a matter of fact the preposition of every child of God should concentrate on praise.

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