NNENNA N’MMA LANCASTER-OKORO: Arrival Of An Amazon; The Panacea For a New Abia In 2023 – By Chineduano Okpara

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Since the inception of this democratic dispensation in Nigeria, Abia State has been in the doldrums.
It has been so not because we don’t have men and women who has all it takes to create a huge impact and give our dear Abia State a great name and image it deserves in the comity of states but because we chose not to widen our search and embrace competent hands devoid of gender identity.

For 22 years now, Abia has been most unfortunate with its leaders and the citizens and the state in which Abia is lends credence to the description.

The quest for a capable hands to lead the Gods Own State in 2023, has begun and we have found a reputable, purpose driven woman to bring the dividends of democracy to Abians on a platter of good and quality governance.

You can call her the great amazon and an incredible asset and you would not be wrong. You can describe her as a very resourceful person and you would be damn right. You can embellish your description of her as a fountain of wisdom and there would be no whimper of disagreement.

Nnenna N’mma Lancaster-Okoro Esq. ‘BA (Hons), MCP, CCNP, PgDL (Law), LLM, PgDL (Legal Studies), PSC (Business Finance), SDG (ESSP),
symbolizes a concurrent growth of wisdom with huge experience on how to lead the people.


Nnenna has all the academic and professional wherewithal needed to write the wrongs of the past administrations in the State. A graduate of English & Philosophy (combined) BA Hons., University of Lagos. She trained as a Network and Telecommunications Engineer in the UK, and later qualified as a lawyer. After that, Nnenna. proceeded to Middlesex University, London and got her postgraduate diploma in Law.

From there, she completed her Law School, at College of Law, Store Street in London, and went back to Middlesex University for a Masters Degree in International Economic Law; in which she achieved a distinction in her dissertation on Intellectual Property Rights, and an overall merit in 2004.

A well grounded woman that hopelessly loves education and knowledge, Nnenna in April 2009, attended BPP, London; for a Professional Skills Course and passed the compulsory Business Finance Exams.

Having garnered all these experiences, which spanned combined years of legal and business experiences, communications expertise, and professional consulting, Nnenna, tends to use it to create insightful, motivating, and highly customised executive services to public and private sector which will in turn boost the economy of Abia State.  As an experienced international lawyer, Nnenna understands the importance of rule of law and her wealth of experience will be put in good use.

Nnenna N’mma Lancaster-Okoro Esq.is not new in Nigerian politics. In 2015, she
ran for Senate as a Candidate of All Progressives Congress (APC), and a re-run election in 2016 representing Abia North Senatorial District. In the Senate, she has held various positions which includes, the South East Sensitisation Committee Chairman under the Office of the SSAP (Political) to the President (2016 – 2018), and presently as the FCT Coordinator of United for Better Nigeria (UBNi). UBNi is a Movement that is working hard to encourage fair-minded Nigerians to deliver a Nigerian President of Southeast extraction, come 2023.

Family Life
The Abia State Governor in waiting as I would unequivocally describe Nnenna N’mma Lancaster-Okoro Esq. is a happy mother and wife, who loves meeting people, finding good projects and strategising their successful workability.

Without any iota of hesitation, Abia State will become successfully workable with her as the pilot.
Abia State deserves a better deal come 2023. Nnenna Okoro will undoubtedly bring back the glory of Aba, and make it a clean city. Most importantly, Narr. Nnenna will turn Aba to Nigerian and African business hub, a position the city deserves. Moreover, she will use her international connection and experience to attract both local and international investors into the state
I therefore genuinely ask Abians and friends of Abia State who wishes for genuine upgrade of the living conditions of the people via Infrastructural Development, Human Capital Development, good Healthcare facilities, Digital ICT Infrastructure Statewide, Empowerment for Women & the Youth, World Class Education, Environmental-
Upgrade,Solid Mineral Deposits for rapid Industrialization, Agriculture & Water Resource endowments and the eluded *Leadership* ! to support and stand strongly with Mrs Nnenna N’mma Lancaster-Okoro Esq. as the next distinguished governor of Abia State.

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