North Has No Business With Presidency In 2023 – Prof Nwala, ADF President

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The quest for the South East Region to produce the next Nigerian President come 2023 received a boost as the president of Alaigbo Development Foundation (ADF), Prof Uzodinma Nwala, over the weekend, called on people of the North, Southwest, and Southsouth to steer clear of the 2023 presidency, insisting that it was the turn of the Southeast to produce the number one citizen of the country.
Nwala based his argument on the fact that other regions of the country had produced the president of the country except for the Southeast region.

According to the Dailytimesonline report, the professor of African philosophy said, “I was in the 1993/94 constitutional conference, the first time that zoning was raised. I was one of those that fought for it. The idea was to move the presidency round among the six geo-political zones – North and South alternation. The presidency goes to one zone in the North and next time to another zone in the South until it goes round among the six political zones, but you can see that they have messed it up.
“The North has no business asking for presidency in 2023, as the presidency should go to the South. In the South, the Southwest should not look towards that direction as Obasanjo has taken their turn. In the same way, the Southsouth, as Jonathan has taken their turn. It is the turn of the Southeast. But the problem is that if we are not united to decide who should represent us, you find out that they will from a long-range pick a candidate for us.
“I’m happy with what happened in the last election. The Igbo voted as one people, as they voted for Atiku and Obi. If we sustain this, when 2023 comes, we should be able to determine who will be there for us. As things stand now, at the constitutional conference, we were able to forge a national alliance that will make the hegemony take the back seat as minority. As things are now, if there is no rigging and the field is left open, there will be a pattern of voting – majority of Southwest, majority in the South-South, majority in Igbo land, majority in Southern Kaduna, majority in the Middle Belt, the Talakawas will all vote as one people.
“What is important for us as Igbo is to try and hold ourselves together as a people. President or no president, let us hold ourselves as one people, fight for our own internal autonomy. If we do that, they will be looking for us. By right and if things are done correctly, 2023 has to be the turn of the Igbo.”

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