‘North Suspects Nigeria Will Not Last Beyond 2023, That’s President Buhari Is Mortgaging Country’s Future With Bad Loans’. – OPC

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Speaking on the controversial agreement which allegedly waives Nigeria’s sovereignty, the group in a statement by its Publicity Secretary, Barrister Yinka Oguntimehin, said it has a strong feeling that the north suspects that the country would not last beyond 2023 and are using bad loans to mortgage the future of the entire country.

“I have no doubt that the prolonged brouhaha generated by the current loan arrangements with the Chinese government is never in the interest of the entire country. How can you explain the rationale behind the FG loan arrangements? He said.
“It is obvious that the FG is up to something sinister because all available indices have it that the Nigerian economy is gradually moving downwards.
“Today our naira is N470 to a dollar. What that means is that our naira is falling daily to the American dollar.”
“The Nigerian Port Authority (NPA) was established in 1913, even before Nigerian independence in 1960. It is sad that one of our national heritage and institutions in the south was being mortgaged and considered as one of the assets and monuments for the payment plan with the China government.
“The controversial sovereign guarantee and sovereign immunity clause in the loan arrangement with China have raised many questions about the sincerity of federal government, and as a group, we can not keep quiet as if nothing is wrong. Nobody truly understands the drift of this government.
“We have a strong feeling that the North is suspecting that Nigeria will not last beyond 2023, that is why they are mortgaging the future of the entire nation with bad loans, and sadly they are using Amaechi and his allies from the south to perpetrate their sinister plans,” Oguntimehin said.

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