[OPINION] United Nations complicit in genocide in British Nigeria — By Ndubuisi Anukwuem

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After the 2nd world war in 1945, 50 countries came together to form the United Nations (UN). The purpose was to prevent further human catastrophes caused by wars and to maintain international peace, security, and human rights among member nations.
Subsequently, on December 9, 1948, the Convention on the Prevention and Punishment of the Crime of Genocide (Genocide Convention) was codified as an instrument of International law. It was the first human rights treaty ratified by the General Assembly to proclaim the UN’s ‘commitment’ to ‘never again’ [allow a repeat of the atrocities committed during the Second World War].
Article 2 of the Genocide Convention defines genocide as “acts committed with intent to destroy, in whole or in part, a national, ethnic, racial or religious group, as such: killing members of the group; causing serious bodily or mental harm to members of the group; deliberately imposing living conditions that seek to “bring about its physical destruction in whole or in part…”
The American Heritage Dictionary puts it succinctly as “the systematic and widespread extermination or attempted extermination of a national, racial, religious, or ethnic group.”
Article 1 of the Convention establishes that genocide is a crime under international law and jurisdiction whether committed during peace or wartime.
Accordingly, state parties to the Convention are mandated to:

  1. Enact laws to prevent and punish the crime of genocide irrespective of the position of the perpetrators, “whether they are constitutionally responsible rulers, public officials or private individuals” – Article IV.
  2. Enact the necessary legislation to give effect to the provisions of the Convention – Article V.
  3. Prosecute persons charged with genocide in a competent tribunal of the State in the territory of which the act was committed, or by an international penal tribunal with accepted jurisdiction (such as ICC) – Article VI.
    These Articles conform to international norms and binding on all countries even if they’re not parties or signatories to the Genocide Convention.
    But, since the convention, no less than 89 genocidal wars have been recorded mostly in the former and current British and French colonies, in Africa, South America, Asia, and the Middle east.
    Africa alone has had more than 19 genocides including British Nigeria, French Cameroon, South Sudan, Uganda, Darfur-Sudan, Burundi, DRC, Somalia, Ethiopia, Eritrea, and Rwanda all of which the UN either stands by, distorts realities on the ground, elevates petty imperial interests above human lives, takes sides, supports the genocidal governments, hides under ‘state sovereignty,’ or is deliberately negligent for lack of interest.
    And if they acted, it is usually belated, poorly executed, unprofessional, and becomes part of the problem according to numerous reports and journals from reputable sources.
    For example, the UN waited despite several reports that genocide was well underway in Rwanda in 1994 until no less than 800,000 Rwandans had been slaughtered. And when the peacekeeping force finally moved in, they were instructed not to use force to break the violence. Every report including ones conducted by the UN concluded that the United Nations failed Rwanda, yet nothing has changed.

Again, the UN peacekeeping operations were similarly accused in the Somalian genocide for being “negligent, unorganized, unprofessional, and pre-occupied for the wrong reasons.” Read more here: The United Nations Peacekeeping Mission in Somalia | Grimes Law PLLC (grimeslawaz.com)
In the case of Nigeria between 1966-1970, the UN was not only negligent, but Britain, the architect, and benefactor of the Biafra genocide weaponized her Security Council (SC) seat in conjunction with her broadcasting power (BBC) to enforce a media blackout and disinformation campaign against the victims, as well as muffle the fading cry of emaciated children, millions of whom were starved and bombed indiscriminately by British Nigerian soldiers acting under the directions of the British Army Command Center in London, England.
Consequently, 3.5 to 5 million Biafrans and still counting were killed for the sake of “one Nigeria.” No investigation into war crimes and crimes against humanity has been conducted by UN to date.
Generally, African countries are less equipped militarily than the superpowers. Therefore, any conflict within the African context can fairly easily be arrested and the parties invited to air their grievances if the UN were truly for peace and justice. But, parties to conflicts are often prevented from or denied access to neutral arbiters at the UN or ICC because the instigators of these conflicts sit barefaced on the UN Security Council (UNSC).
While all the ingredients pointing to genocide are evident, the UNSC is not fazed by the preliminary slaughtering of hundreds of thousands of innocent Nigerians.
So, rather than prevent genocide as elucidated in the state’s Obligation under Genocide Convention, the Fulani terrorist administration of British Nigeria are violently entrenching and exacerbating pogroms with the tacit approval of the UN.
Their genocidal impulse is only matched by their inordinate propensity to spread lies, distort facts, and obfuscate the issues.

When the bloodthirsty Fulani herdsmen embark on their usual killing spree, the UN, Britain, BBC, CNN, and their allies recklessly report such incidents as ‘Farmer-Herder clash’ in order to confound the world and preempt the uproar that such barbarism elicits.
Similar mendacities are reported when government forces massacre peaceful IPOB protesters and unarmed civilians.
And to validate these false impressions, the UN and her imperial cronies pretend that there’s not enough evidence to act on, ignore the victims, and confine their investigations (the lack thereof) to the statements and denials of the perpetrators.
Make no mistakes, the British and Nigerian codeword for government attacks, Fulani herdsmen terrorism, and extrajudicial killings is “a clash” to tarnish the victims.
UN agents even go as far as labeling the incessant attacks by marauding Fulani as a consequence of climate change! They conveniently leave out the fact that Fulani has been spilling innocent blood ever since they infiltrated the great Hausa kingdoms and beheaded their kings more than 200 years ago.
The Deputy Secretary-General (DSG) of UN Amina Mohammed whom we shall review shortly is an avid advocate of Climate Change. Thus, it’s not surprising that a semi-illiterate Buhari visited the White House in 2017 and was heard mindlessly blaming the killing of Christians by Fulani on ‘climate change’ and Libyans.

To be clear, Fulani (of course not all) are menacing criminals who encroach on people’s properties deliberately to steal, destroy, rape, maim, and kill the owners.
It is incredibly disingenuous to accept or propagate the notion that a landless nomadic cattle herder who criminally trespasses, destroys the fruits of a farmer’s labor, and brutally kills the farmer had a ‘farmer-herder clash’ with him or did it because of ‘Climate Change.’
On a different occasion, while visiting the terrorist president on November 9, 2020, the DSG Amina Mohammed blamed the EndSARS protests for the decades of police killings and brutality on COVID-19.
The DSG is heard repeatedly extolling the sadistic idea of ‘One Nigeria’ even as heartless, jihad obsessed, Fulani killers are all over the territory, slaughtering, burning churches, killing Christians, kidnapping school children, mass raping underaged girls, destroying farms, burning down entire communities, and moving in to replace those they slaughtered with zero consequence or protection from the government.
Rather than hold British Nigeria accountable to prevent the ongoing pogroms and genocidal attacks in Nigeria, the UN organizes very quiet low-profile seminars on Nigeria where Amina Mohamed is seen admonishing beleaguered British Nigerians like Buhari to ‘build’ the nation.

Recall when Fulani herdsmen terrorists invaded Agatu for three consecutive days without the intervention of the security forces in 2016, slaughtered 500 people, and set ablaze their communities in ‘retaliation,’ they claimed, for the killing of their cattle. Then, Governor Samuel Ortom of Benue State went to Abuja to seek assistance to stop the violence from the president, to which Buhari told him to “go back and learn to live at peace with your Fulani brothers.”
So, while Fulani terrorist herdsmen attack entire communities claiming that someone stole or killed their cow, the Nigerian army and police similarly invade claiming that a soldier or policeman was killed by someone in the targeted communities such as the massacres at Odi, Zaki biam, Obigbo, Orlu, Enugu, Aba, Benue, Shiite Muslims, etc.
Here’s another of such: https://247ureports.com/2021/07/residents-flee-as-soldiers-storm-enugu-community-over-death-of-policemen/
See also: Genocide In Eastern Nigeria: 350 Killed In 160 Days, 600 Missing And 2500 Abducted Or Arrested By Soldiers, Police, Others …150 Igbo Christians Killed By Jihadist Fulani Herdsmen In Past 160 Days Or Since January 2021 (thenigerianvoice.com)

According to Wikipedia, Amina Muhammed is a British citizen, and a Fulani Nigerian who was born in Liverpool, UK to a Fulani father and a British mother in 1961. After her university education in 1989, she left Britain for Nigeria. On November 11, 2015, Buhari appointed her the Minister for Environment. One year later, she was catapulted to the position of UN-DSG in February 2017. Her political affiliation is the ruling APC party of British-Nigeria.
When challenged by someone in the audience of a low-profile seminar about UN position in the excessive human rights abuses and killings in Nigeria, Amina Mohamed exhibited a familial disconnect, arguing that:
“there [have] been spokesman statements; there [have] been a human rights commissioner statements on human rights in this country…
“There was a meeting three days ago in Geneva about this country and a lack of access and human rights…
“So, when you want to say nothing is happening, please define what you mean by nothing…
To which her acolytes applauded as she fired on
“…Every right comes with an obligation, to tell the truth, and the truth in many cases comes in different colors depending on who’s telling it…
This is a dangerous paradigm because the truth does not respect persons. The Buhari regime and Fulani herdsmen militia are indubitably bloodthirsty predators who prey on innocent victims. Therefore, all those promoting the idea of ‘farmer-herder clash,’ ‘armed conflicts’, and ‘climate change’ claptrap must reevaluate their notion of truth, fairness, and justice and stop trying to obfuscate the issue.
…Mohammed continues…
“…And I’m not saying that this government is a saint, it’s very far from it, but there are things we can do to make it better, that’s the challenge I’m throwing to you…
The next 2 sentences reveal a blatant conflict of interest.
“You don’t wanna build this nation, I don’t know where else you wanna go…
“When I stand outside and I hear what you have to say about this country that I know that I can die for as one, then I’m really sad because you’re young…
“…you have a huge future ahead of you, and then you’re condemning yourself before you started on that journey…
“At the end of the day, there’s only so much that UN can do in a country, It’s a sovereign country…
“You can’t just walk into a country and do what you want to do.”
Watch the video here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qqgkvMH4x2U&t=8s

Here, the UN pretends to be bystanders, or powerless to confront a sovereign nation when it suits them. But other times, they make up alternate facts and invade. They only can explain why terrorism in British Nigeria and Africa at large is implicitly encouraged.
The Fulani herdsmen who are visible and easily apprehensible are not arrested or investigated after savagely butchering a community.

The Fulani DSG must know fully well that the terrorist government of Buhari does not prosecute fellow Fulani when they perpetrate heinous crimes against humanity in violation of Article VI of the UN Genocide Convention.
Moreover, Mohammed’s position as DSG under the present circumstance in British Nigeria is outrageous. The conflict of interest here is flagrant. A British-Fulani Nigerian and Buhari’s appointee ought not to be presiding over Fulani Islamic conquest at the UN exactly when Fulani are rampaging, raping, kidnapping, ethnic cleansing, and slaughtering indigenous peoples of British Nigeria.
Also, it is common knowledge that Frederick Lugard, the British soldier of fortune who maliciously amalgamated the Northern and Southern protectorates later bragged that, “the North and South are like oil and water [that] can never mix.” 107 years later, British Nigeria is marred by hatred, disunity, pogrom, war, tribalism, nepotism, genocide, terrorism, and unhealthy rivalry as Lugard envisioned.

Thus, genocide and the threat thereof will never go away until this coldblooded, fraudulent British agglomeration of disparate peoples, mutually antagonistic nations, cultures, religions, and languages are reversed.
For her Genocide Convention obligations to prevent, and not commit genocide, the Fulani government of British-Nigeria have arbitrarily reconstituted all security apparatuses of the country as ethnocentric forces whose only theatre of war are non-Fulani citizens of Nigeria, thereby demonstrating a high propensity towards genocide, and functioning broadly as an ethnic terror group with little regards for British Nigerian laws.
For her obligation to punish genocide, the Fulani-led British- Nigeria Government aids, abets, and rewards genocidal actors so long as it serves their goal to conquer all other nationalities in the British dungeon of oppression called Nigeria.
Her Military, paramilitary, and police ranks are attained not by defending the territorial integrity of British-Nigeria, or by apprehending known terrorists, but by invading protesters and indigenous peoples of Nigeria with intent to reduce all non-Fulani nomads to a status lower than Fulani cattle, and to forcibly appropriate indigenous lands for Fulani wanderers and their colonial puppeteers.
For her Article V obligation to enact the necessary legislation to give effect to the provisions of the Convention, the lopsided Fulani-controlled legislature have been bribed and bamboozled out of its constitutional duties by admitting criminals, terrorists, crooked past governors, and heavyweight swindlers who have criminal cases hanging over their heads into the National Assembly, who in turn defend terrorists or lack the confidence to impeach the extremely lawless, traitorous, wicked, and terrorist president of British Nigeria.

Since British Nigeria has no good reason for the widespread killings, they have no need yet to declare war because they’re able to get away with so much more than they could, should the entire population and the world at large know that Fulani is already at war with them.
More people are dying in Nigeria than in countries at full-blown wars.
By very conservative measures, hundreds of thousands of Nigerians have been quietly killed without the declaration of war, while tens of millions have been displaced as agents of the UN hold casual symposia on British Nigeria.
What other country has refugees in neighboring countries, and Internally Displaced Persons camps in ‘peace’ time, and then uses her air force to massacre 236+ tormented and downtrodden refugees as was done in Rann, Bornu IDP camp in January 2017?
Unfortunately, the arch-benefactors of these mayhems and injustices are the permanent members of the Security Council.
To its credit however, there were many times that the UN acted swiftly and with overwhelming force.
For example, in 2003, Some permanent members of the SC launched ‘Operation Shock and Awe’ to invade Iraq on the basis of what later became a fictitious ‘mobile nuclear plant’. The execution of Saddam Hussein further amplified sectarian conflicts plunging the country into a civil war with the imperial powers choosing the winners, spawning the ISIS terrorist organization, and causing the death of 2.4 million people according to reliable reports.

Again, in 2011, the SC sprang into action on the pretext of protecting Libyans by first embarking on artful propaganda to demonize Gaddafi before invading. Like Iraq, Libya was plunged into a civil war. In the aftermath, more than 250,000 Libyans have been killed and the country remains war-torn and a humanitarian nightmare to date.

The Libya debacle occurred against the backdrop of the 2009 UN General Assembly speech where Gaddafi called the Security Council a “Terror Council” due to the 65 wars it either masterminded, failed to stop, approved, or largely participated in. “We are about to put the United Nations on trial; the old organization will be finished and a new one will emerge.” But that’s not all…
Gaddafi demanded an investigation into past wars involving UN, NATO, USA, Britain, France who are permanent members of the SC and to prosecute those found guilty of causing these wars, misery, and the slaughtering of millions “that has surpassed that brought by the Nazis.”
Plus, Gaddafi had revealed his plans for an African future that was free from ruthless exploitation by the SC. His doom was thereby sealed.
While Gaddafi may not be a saint, as at 2011 before the UNSC and NATO destroyed Libya, it had the highest standard of living in Africa; it was ranked 53rd in the 2010 UN Quality of Life Index “ahead of 9 European countries including Russia”; had free quality education up to Ph.D. level; free state-of-the-art health care; 3rd lowest petrol price in the world; citizens owned their own homes; Libya was debt-free, and the government was indeed working for Libyans unlike Nigeria where public officials are “fantastically corrupt,” embezzlers, money launders, murderers, terror financiers; and where the government recruits, arms, and supports Fulani terrorists to assist the security forces to slaughter hapless Nigerians on a daily basis.

What did Ghaddafi do to Libyans to justify his destruction that Buhari has not done a thousand times over but yet remains undisturbed? Rather than hold the terrorist president accountable, the UNSC give him more weapons.
For her Article VI Obligation to try persons charged with genocide, the British Nigerian security forces under the control of Fulani actors are hatefully attacking those that are forced to defend their communities against the Fulani terrorists.
When will the UN hold British Nigeria accountable for egregious violations of Articles iv, v, and vi and all of the Genocide Convention obligations as well as the gamut of human rights abuses and crimes against humanity?
For the UN apparently, keeping the diametrically opposed nations of British Nigeria together to enlarge the killing fields for Fulani and make way for the British Crown’s sadistic and narcissistic ‘interests’ is more important than the lives and wellbeing of those that dwell in it.

The UNSC wants Nigeria to remain one despite the overwhelming evidence of insoluble antagonisms, genocide, and unsustainability of the union.
The British and UN unprecedented position that if Nigeria breaks up, it will “destabilize” the continent is baseless because there’s no record of new nations shaking down the continents or countries they emerged from including, but not limited to Brexit, Russia, Eritrea, South Sudan, Slovakia, Czech Republic, Bosnia, Kosovo, Namibia, and the Falkland Islands whom the British conducted a referendum to decide where only 3,000 locals wished to belong in 2013.
As you can see, the British loves referendum when it suits them, but sends dark-skinned imperial terrorists to nip it when it doesn’t.
Furthermore, with a terribly conflicted Fulani DSG at the UN, Nigerian-Fulani crimes have no chance of receiving appropriate exposure or surviving any serious inquiry. Afterall, the UN has been uncharacteristically silent on the daily slaughtering of indigenous Nigerians for the past six years!
Her silence since 1967 on the worst genocide in Africa remains instructive to date.

So long as the imperial oil cartels have free access to pillage the oil and gas fields of Biafra treacherously left open by Fulani, their policy will always be to keep Nigeria one and to empower Fulani by all means including jihad and genocide.
State Parties whose foreign policy and economic interests lead to genocide then, ought not to sit at the UNSC. Their inhumane economic interests and foreign policies exacerbate genocide and make it impossible to hold those committing crimes against humanity accountable.

The UN Secretary-General, DSG, and SC are ostensibly negligent and complicit in Nigeria’s crimes against humanity by their conspicuous silence instead of alarm.
In conclusion, the UNSC is the resurgence and expansion of the 1884 Berlin Conference with the oppressed colonies as footnotes to validate their insanely homicidal and plundering impulses.

The ominous silence and indifference to Black lives in Africa in the era of Islamic terrorism proves that African countries are mere extras in the charter of the UN.
Neither Britain nor France, due to their extensive imperial policy of thievery and genocide in Africa, should be presiding over the conflicts they instigated with their divide-conquer schemes, and barbarous “economic interests.”
Finally, the UN has failed to fulfill its charter. The ‘Never Again’ commitment aberrantly excludes Africa. The indigenous peoples of British Nigeria must understand that the UN pays no mind to their suffering and dying at the hands of Britain and Fulani. The UN should be protested and potentially boycotted until it is reformed because the status quo only ensures one thing: Subjugation, Plunder, and Genocide.

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