Pastor RUGA Osinbajo: Nigeria’s New Chief Tax Collector! – Bayo Oluwasanmi

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Vice-President Pastor RUGA Osinbajo is Nigeria’s new chief tax collector assigned to levy and collect taxes from giant tech and digital companies like Twitter, Facebook, etc. 
Speaking on behalf of Buhari’s despotic government, Pastor RUGA said Buhari regime will utilize its legal provisions to collect taxes on giant tech and digital companies in Nigeria. Pastor RUGA is known for executing failed projects: RUGA, open grazing routes, n-Power, Tradermoni, etc. This latest assignment will suffer the same fate.

By imposing punitive taxes on tech giants and digital companies is going through the back door to control the internet. It is certain that the multiplier effect of such prohibitive taxes will trickle down to consumers. Why do we want to tax ideas? How do we tax exchange of ideas in the market place of ideas? Buhari’s government has never disguised its opposition to social media. The regime is so scared of social media for exposing the evils being perpetrated by the government.

I beiieve this latest move is an attempt to regulate or control the internet for political motives: (1) To ban opposition activists from mobilizing their followers on line. (2) To contain the information that is critical of the regime. (3) To spy on Nigerians to identify potential dissenters.
Taxes collected from other sources – VAT, personal income tax, corporate tax, property tax, gasoline tax, etc., were never utilized for any meaningful purposes. Instead, the big sharks and whales of corruption siphoned every kobo. So, what’s the need to collect new taxes that will end up in the pockets of the thieves?

VP with some Tradermoni beneficiaries

Pastor RUGA, what happened to Buhari-Osinbajo campaign promises of: two million jobs every two years, two million public housing units every two years, 24/7 uninterrupted supply of electricity, healthcare, safety and security, end of Boko Haram and Fulani terrorists? Instead of fighting for these and many more, Pastor RUGA is busy chasing the shadow up and down. He’s busy expanding tyrannical scope of the oppressive Buhari regime. 
Pastor RUGA, you have embarrassed and humiliated yourself enough. Stop poking fun at yourself. Take the honorable exit from Buhari’s reign of terror – return to the classroom at UNILAG. Your students are waiting!

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