Popular Anglican Bishop Says Prosperity Cannot Be Grabbed, Claimed Or Snatched Through Prayer

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His eminence, Ephraim Okechukwu Ikeakor, the Anglican Bishop of Amichi revealed the major catalyst to becoming successful in everything one does in life.
In his sermon, during one of his church services, the bishop disclosed that being watchful and taking note of things happening in the environment guarantees one to be successful in academics and all affairs of life.

Ministering to the congregation, the minister urged the public to be mindful of the courses they study in the tertiary institution as it is may determines where they will end up in the future.

“Watch your environment! If you want to go to university; Do you remember that lady that came to give testimony last Sunday that she has become an associate professor? Did you know what she studied in school? He studies Igbo! But she is doing very well now. If they asked you which course you want to study, you will say Law. How many lawyers in this village are surviving? It is not about title. You wore a wig, when the breeze comes it will pull off your trousers from your waist. You wore a wig from one place to another. Charge and Bail lawyer, whenever any Okadas had an accident they will call you.

You can’t even watch and say; what course, even if it’s not popular, that I can study now and excel. Watch! It is not about title, it is about what will make me succeed. The woman read Igbo, five years or four years ago she gave testimony here of how she became a Ph.D. holder, within four-five years she becomes an associate professor because she studied a rare course. How many Igbo lecturers do we have? But if you heard that this person is studying Igbo, you will laugh and make jest of the person. This is why we fail. Study the environment.”

He also advised those with the mindset of venturing into businesses to study the location of where they want to start up the business so that they will know the goods that are rare, lucrative, and much more needed by the residents. 

Ikeakor further admonished Christians to watch their lifestyle to see if they have given God the better part of their life, adding that a strong relationship with God brings about greatness.

“What you will watch again is your lifestyle. Can I tell you something that shocks me?  I have taken time to study men that succeeded in the Bible, became billionaires, and were great people. I saw something critical which the world is playing with now. They are men that are conscious about their relationship with God and righteous living. Don’t think is  when you start doing prostitution, kidnapping, ritual, Bet9ja, that you will succeed, it is not true.

Prosperity, breakthrough, and victory are directly proportional with righteousness and Godliness. ‘I wish above all things that thou mayest prosper,’ that is where they use to stop, they won’t finish the quotation. What is the end of the quotation? ‘Just as your soul prospers.’ So you want to be on top in everything you do? You must work. Be mindful when they preach to you ‘prosperity gospel; grab it, receive it, snatch it,’ it is not true! You don’t snatch prosperity, you work for it.

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