Press Release: YPP Eket Chapter Dissociates Party From The Conduct Of 31st October ‘S’election’ By AKISIEC

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The Young Progressive Party, YPP Eket Chapter has distanced itself from the conduct of the forthcoming local government election  by the Akwa Ibom State Independent Electoral Commission scheduled to hold on the 31st of October, 2020. The party insisted it was a selection rather than an election.
In a press release by the young Progressive Party, the YPP’s Chairman, Eket Chapter, Amb. Gospel Edoho John (GEJ) who made available the copy of statement to  NEWSIEEVENTS expressed displeasure at the way and manner everything is conducted and thereby distances the party, YPP from the conduct of the Election.
The Full Statement by the Party Chairman, Amb. Gospel Edoho John (GEJ) reads;
PRESS RELEASE 29/10/2020

We (YPP members, supporters, and friends of the Young Progressives Party, Eket Chapter) distance ourselves from the conduct of Local Government SELECTION by AKISIEC on the 31st of October 2020.
1. Whereas we believe that it is time for a leadership shift in our land and generation, and this revolution must be driven by the highly cerebral, mentally progressives and young innovative leaders without greed.
2. Whereas we saw the need to democratically participate in the LG Election which has now turned into primitive selection or a coronation to be conducted by the Akwa Ibom State “Non”-independent Electoral Commission this Saturday 31st October.
3. Whereas we have observed some criminal and illegal behaviours associated with the whole process, thus:
a. PAYMENT Of AN ILLEGAL 250,000.00 BY CHAIRMANSHIP CANDIDATES AND 100,000.00 FOR COUNCILLORS: We Deliberated and ratified that this requirement is illegal and inconsistent with section 19 of AKISIEC law 2007 read along sections 103. 104, 106 (1) a-e, and supremely, the 1999 Constitution of the Federal Republic of Nigeria and our Electoral Laws. No past or sitting Governor or Local Government Chairman in the State has ever paid such amount of fund as processing fee to INEC or AKISIEC, as Independent Electoral bodies are not money generating agencies but is funded by a budgeted allocation from the government to conduct its processes. We know that constitutionally, political parties sponsor its candidates to stand free and fare in all elections.
5. We understand that payment of an illegal sum is tantamount to endorsing corruption. This can be likened to paying to be counted during census, thus, the fundamental human rights of citizens have been bought by the evil antics of the government of the day, and equally a means to stop young people from participating in the process at the very period where youths in Nigeria are clamouring and are being killed for peaceful protesting an end to bad governance, youth inculsion, equal opportunity and financial consideration, and reduction as stipulated in the #NotTooYoungToRun Act.
b:THE CREATION OF ILLEGAL WARDS WITHOUT THE KNOWLEDGE OF POLITICAL STAKEHOLDERS FROM ALL PARTIES AND PRINTING OF PVCs FOR NEWLY CREATED WARDS: Whether the provisions of section 19 of AKISIEC LAW 2007 and section 9(1) to 6 of Electoral Act 2010 (as amended) allows AKISIEC to Unilaterally create or realign 39 wards spread across the 31 LGAs in the state and move on with an election without an update of Voters Register and printing of permanent voters card to members of new units in the newly created wards, which is supposed to be done not later than 60 days to an elections. These are clear violations and inappropriate. It should be noted that creation of new wards is our idea, but why the haste?
7. We are peace loving people and have long proceeded to the court to seek redress and determination over these and other matters. While that is fouthcoming, we see no need to participate in an illegal process as young people seeking Right leadership and the very change we need.
8. On the 1st of October 2020 being Nigeria’s independence day celebration, we staged a mass movement and peaceful protested in Eket and granted press conference. We took the same to AKISIEC headquarters in Uyo with other political under the umbrella of Inter-Party Advisory Council (IPAC), We have written and being on air to sensitize the polity before now and still does.
9. We will not resort to any form of violence, but as a duly registered political party of the youths in Nigeria and in diaspora we call on all lovers of peace, progress and due process to back out of the announced illegal election. As we, the YPP Eket members, our supporters, five (5) other political parties that graciously collapsed their structure to join us in the race in Eket LGA, as well as “Alert Nigeria” – foremost civil society group in the state, and other stakeholders, do hereby distance ourselves from the entire criminal process to be conducted, for a time will come when posterity shall judge us all and we will stand be mentioned among those who took action for positive change in the nation and in the grassroot.
I want to thank every single individual for material and moral support, we grow together and greatness awaits us in 2023 and beyond and until the hope of the common man grants justice. We Win
We are the youths party
we are YPP
Amb. Gospel Edoho John (GEJ)
Chairman, YPP Eket Chapter
Akwa Ibom State

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