Reps Unyime Idem, a true symbol that signifies love, passion for selfless service – by Divine Sam

( The south south best Lawmaker)

By Divine Sam.

Let’s exonerate politics out of reality in this contexts. Of course if I should employ politics into this important political variable, I shouldn’t be questioned in the pools of politics.

The deputy Chairman on communications house Committee in the house of representative, Hon Unyime Idem is true description of an effective representation to his federal constituency, and he has a listening ear from all indication. Very addicted to passionate service that is competent of finding a remedy or lasting solution to the challenges of his people.

Idem has resuscitated a lot of young Nigerians who were nearly on their verge in the society. His magnanimity and philanthropical character in almsgiving is commendable.

Hon Unyime Idem on a standby to be crown best performing National Assembly Lawmaker in the south south.

I call him the emperor that is superior and superintends inferior representation in other federal constituencies, and that’s the bitter truth regardless of if you are viewing it with dismay. I thank God that I have never seen anyone like you as a National Lawmaker in Akwa Ibom state that has transform young Nigerians the way you do. You are my most preferred Federal Lawmaker in Akwa Ibom state. I don’t have any problem with you, but, please mount the podium honourably for continuity of enormous dividends of democracy, life touching activities and what have you not limiting to Ukanafun/Oruk Anam federal constituency where you represent beyond 2023.

June 22, 2021, has come and gone but this date has another miles stone of history, memory that is very visible, another beautiful face of reality that you were enthroned with the Most Outstanding Federal Lawmaker of the year (South South) award by Elite Exclusive Magazine in Abuja.

The lawmaker posing with the publisher of the Elite Exclusive Magazine

According to the management of Elite Exclusive Magazine, ” Idem was chosen for the honour based on his track record of service to humanity and his sterling performance as a first time Lawmaker, after a rigorous, diligent and credible selection process which included the online voting”

He noted that within two years of being elected, Idem has sponsored 16 bills, 13 motions, initiated and completed 26 life touching projects and skills empowerment for 5000 youths”

We should separate the truth from politics. Hon Unyime Idem to be very truthful has proven his integrity in carrying the collective mandates of his people. He belongs to the class of leaders Nigerians are agitating to have for the betterment of living standard of the people.

Being a leader is beyond leading the people, it is a great task and responsibility to ensuring the safe landing to their various and respective destinations. It’s highly requiring especially great patience and efforts and skills to enhance positive results and impact which is the primary focus as an assignment of every good leader.

As a matter of fact it is giving others the shoulder to stand and see the world of possibilities.

Hon Unyime Idem 2nd the right flagging his award among other awardees.

A wise man once said, “it’s better to teach someone how to fish, than to give him fish.” The logic behind this statement is that once you teach the person how to fish, he would always get fish whenever he wants it, and can even make earning from there.

The man Unyime without misusing words has comfortably fit into this credence that spelled out what’s required to lead because leading is his everyday activity and flowing in his bloodlines.

One thing that has singled him out from others is that his leadership, character is passionate to raising people from grass to grace, he is the kind of ladder where people climb dependably to get to the top.

A ladder is a piece of equipment consisting of a series of bars or steps between two upright lengths of wood, metal, or rope, used for climbing up or down something.

Hon Idem has always made himself available as that “device” that helps to take people to the top, and has done that over the years, albeit, he wasn’t making any noise or lamenting about it.

He has established many businesses within the state, where 95 percent of the workforce are indigenes of the state.

Many people he has established through various empowerment programmes, awarded full scholarship to study within and outside Nigeria, robust legislative contributions and entrepreneurial engagements are some of the activities through which I tagged him a symbol that signifies love for humanity, a gigantic elegant, a dependable ladder and a reliable vehicle to get to the top.

Having posses virtues of Christ Believer, whose intention is centred on lives transformation, turning the wilderness to a fruitful ground and dry land to a river flowing ground, this quality of service is rare to find in this present time where men are after their stomach and what have you.

That same God that install the hope of the masses by restoring a godly Man to make leader is the same God we trust and look up to when the time is appropriate, Unyime Idem is a leader to beacon at any time.

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