Restructuring: The Centre Carries Many Burden That Will Collapse It – Arewa Youths Agrees With Adeboye

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The call for restructuring of Nigeria continues to gather momentum as Arewa Youths Consultative Forum, AYCF, on Tuesday emphasized on the need, saying that the centre carries much load that can collapse it one day.
Yerima Shettima, the AYCF National President, cautioned that Nigeria was at the verge of collapse if it’s not restructured.
In a chat he had with Daily Post before he gave the warning, Shettima was asked to respond to the call by the redeemed Christian Church of God, RCCG, General Overseer, Pastor Enoch Adeboye to President Buhari to restructure Nigeria.
It would be recalled that Pastor Adeboye had aked Buhari to restructure Nigeria to prevent the country from breaking up.

In response, Shettima said: “I’m not asserting much importance because Adeboye spoke but because I’m an advocate of restructuring, and we said this years ago that the centre can’t hold, the burden is too much and the centre can’t hold.
“For us to move and make meaning impact, we need to restructure this country, power must be devolved to the regions. Let there be division of labour where it’s not everything the centre decides.
“If we allow the centre to continue the way we are going, one day, the centre will just collapse. It’s very clear, everybody knows that the centre can’t hold, and we need to look at it thoroughly and ensure it’s reviewed with the hope of decentralizing the central government so that things will be done right.
“This American style of government does not favour us, even there, they don’t practice this style of governance. A clear example is what happened between Trump and the governor of New York during the pandemic, so to some extent, the state governors should have their autonomy and do things their way, but in Nigeria, you dear not challenge the almighty centre, if it comes to the issue of policies.”

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