Sacrilege!!: Pastor Caught Red-handed ‘Knacking’ Inside Church By Members [Watch]

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A video has surfaced online where a pastor was caught red-handed defiling the altar of God as he was engaged in a doggy style quickie with a member.

According to the source, gossips has been trailing in the church that the Ghanaian Pastor has been sleeping with many women, both married and single, after luring them into a fake deliverance.

The news became a talk of the town as some group of people decided to find out the truth without the knowledge of the pastor.
The amibo investigative group started hanging and staying around the church premises especially after church services, with the aim of catching the Man of God red-handed , as it was rumored that he is always fond of having s3x inside the church.

Fortunately for the self-appointed investigators, the pastor was caught in the act with one on his female church member after the closure of church service.

The group monitored him and made a video tape of him having a doggy style quickie inside the church member.
At first, he was videoed from outside of the church where the camera could only capture the pastor alone and the lady being blocked by some obstacles.

The group then took a step further by moving quietly into the church and saw the whole movie free of charge.

Watch the video below;

Social Media Users reacted to this and some of their comments are shown below,

@Olamide A: If hotel is costly, if your friends room is no longer available, there is enough free space in the forest for God’s sake.

@Harry: What about some so called men of God that is abusing the church by doing fake miracles and taking poor people money? Anyway I am not in support of this evil act. I just want a better life for all. That is my opinion.

@Nnadozie: How can they got so comfortable with being this naked?
Aren’t there other comfortable and private space, other than the church pulpit? There was no point beating them as they are both adults and are responsible for their actions. No more fear for the house of God. May God continue to show us mercy.

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