Some photographers are not educated – Dayo Adedayo

By Divine Sam:

The main reasons some photographers cannot make a good standard living out of photography profession has been revealed.

A renowned photographer, Mr. Dayo Adedayo, while speaking with our correspondent in Ibadan, Oyo State capital, disclosed that some persons in the photography practice are not educated, and it is one of the major problem they can’t excel to earn a better living out of it.

He said it is the same way for anyone that wants to aim at being a legal practitioner or medical doctor without attending their institution including Journalism, it will therefore be hard for those who are quackery in the field of photography to make a better living out of it because they want to cut corners.

Dayo said that those without education in photography are just camera boys and that is why they try harder under difficult circumstances to survive in the practice.
He pointed out that the reason is because they lacked the necessary requirements expected of a professional
photo practitioner which is education.

He stressed that it is difficult for a greater percentage of quack photographers to actually make money and possibly make name as a legacy because they ventured into photography field through the back corridor.

Adedayo, who is 33 years old in photography practice and one of the facilitator of the ongoing three days workshop labelled ” the dance photography” taking place at mauve 21 ring road Ibadan, said his lecture for practitioners of photography which is coming up tomorrow is to open their eyes to enable them see beyond the lenses.

In his message, he said ” to any field you want to venture, endeavor to acquire education not just in photography alone, no matter what you see, money is relevant but, with education it pays you higher than one with zero education”

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