Sule faults Plateau United for slashing players salaries over poor performance

By Simdi Gloria:-

Abdul Sule, a former international player has faulted Plateau United’s management for reducing their players’ salaries by half, saying it is unacceptable and against international best practice.

In the opening game of the Nigerian Professional Football League, Plateau United lost to Kwara united, 0-2.

Sule while speaking to the Guardian said it was abnormal for players’ salaries to be halved for non-performance, adding that if any action were to be taken at all, the players would have been warned first and given time to adjust before wielding the big stick.

“You cannot punish all the players for losing a match. The best thing is to look for players, who are not performing well and have a mutual disengagement with them

“We know there is punishment for non-performance, but it will not just come all of a sudden like that. Contracts should be respected, you cannot just jump out of these contracts, and all of a sudden you start paying half salary to players, who have long-term deals with the club.

“Yes, I know in some contracts, certain amount of money could be deducted for poor performance; but to deduct half salary from a whole team is not a normal practice. Salary comes with allowances and you cannot even take from the match bonuses themselves,” he said, adding that Plateau United’s loss to Kwara United wasn’t a deliberate act.

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