The Administration of Governor Ifeanyi Ugwuanyi in Enugu State is a Disaster by Caleb Onyeabor

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Since Ifeanyi Ugwuanyi replaced Sullivan Chime as Governor of Enugu State, Enugu has been through five years of mediocre and banal governance.
The administration of Ugwuanyi is motionless, directionless, vision-less, and will go down in the state history as the most empty government the state has witnessed from 1999 till date.
With no intention to perform and transform the state, Ugwuanyi’s government has right from the first days in office invested massively in recruiting praise singers and building a network of bootlickers. Hoping this single investment will cover up its emptiness, five years after, the reverse has been the case as despite the efforts of paid praise singers, the ordinary man in Enugu regrets the emergence of Ifeanyi Ugwuanyi.
Ugwuanyi has turned Enugu state into the banner capital of Africa as the littered with banners singing the praises of his non-existent achievements. This is so much so that the only business that has thrived in Enugu under Ugwuanyi is the Ass Licking Sector where groups of persons wanting a share of the state’s fund are rewarded in their business of singing the governor’s undue and undeserved praise. In these five years, the governor has built an army of bootlickers more than the number of real productive jobs his government has created.
Under Ifeanyi Ugwuanyi’s administration, there are more banner and billboard infrastructure than there is real Infrastructure. The massive road construction scheme of the previous administration has been replaced with greek gifts. The few roads constructed by Ugwuanyi’s administration are returning back to their dilapidated state just under 3 years after construction. This is why in rating the government’s performance in road infrastructure, citizens of his state will ask him to take a visit to Ebonyi state and see what his mate is doing. When you compare the IGR and total allocation Ebonxi receives, you will see no reason why Enugu, a state with higher income and revenue, should build substandard roads that aren’t up to half the quality of what is obtainable in Ebonyi State.
Poverty level in Enugu state has never been so high. In fact, a recent report by the NBS rated Enugu state as one of top five states with the highest number of poor persons in the country despite having one of the highest revenue in the southeast in particular and in the country in general.
The current government cannot point to one landmark project it has initiated or completed since the last five years. In the three zones of the state, there is no particular structure or policy that Ifeanyi Ugwuanyi will be remembered for if he leaves office today. Under this man, Enugu is just as useless as a big dysfunctional penis.
The health sector in the state is moribund, the education sector is stagnant. There is nothing to write home about this government’s agricultural policy and infrastructure in the state is in a bizarre state. Under Ugwuanyi, there is nothing interesting going on in Enugu, a state that was full of life, bubbling, and prospering just 6 years ago.
His praise singers have made desperate attempts to glorify his emptiness through a callous show of projects that are at worst, non-existent in reality or at best, existing only on papers and the banners they flout around the state.
Enugu as it is today is proof of the fact that no matter how you try, no how you attempt to package and repackage a failure, you cannot sell it. No matter how the praise singers try to elevate Ugwuanyi to sainthood, the abysmal government he has been supervising and the glaring non-performance of his administration is on the lips of every indigene of Enugu. This is why protesters who marched to the government house told him clearly that this is not the Enugu they handed over to him in 2015.
Enugu has become a laughing stock courtesy of the weakness of the current governor. Inasmuch as the governor’s cronies and loyalists try to detract the public through frequent use of the nonsensical slogan – ” Enugu is in the hands of God”, the state doesn’t paint a picture of a state that is in the hands of the true God. From another perspective, when ndi Enugu hears the slogan Enugu is in the hands of God, they reminded of the misfortune of having no governor for the last 5 years and thus, have been surviving by God’s grace. A short visit to the state, you will confirm that this is true.
The next 3 years is enough time for Ifeanyi Ugwuanyi to retract his steps and do that which he was elected for or face being dumped in the dustbin of the history of governance in Enugu state.
Caleb Onyeabor is a Nigerian intellectual, an avid advocate for political justice, social justice, and economic justice. Author of Diary of a Messed Up country. Follow him on Twitter via
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