The Gateway to be happy is obedience, faith in God — Rev Taiwo Bello

By Divine Sam:-
Christians across the globe have been reminded not to joke with faith and obedience, as they are the Gateway to making life a better place on Earth.
The Senior pastor and general oversee of Light Impact Church in Ibadan, sounded this reminder while ministering in the first Sunday of September 2020.
Tagged “September to remember” the servant of God urged the believers of Christ to continue trusting God for all-round possibilities in their lives.
He said that the gateway to be happy in life is to obey God and remain in the faith.
Speaking on the theme “the audacity of faith” and conveying his message from Matthew 21:21-22, John 11:40, 1st John 5:5, and 1st Peter 5:8-9 the clergyman noted that audacity is the quality of having enough courage to take the risk.
The audacity of faith according to the man of God is also having the effrontery to stand up for the truth against all odds.

Rev. Armstrong Bello

Rev. Armstrong Bello informed Christians that Lies will always make life toughed because one will think it has a shortcut, he challenges his congregation to channel all their predicament to God through faith and obedience.
He said “whatever God has spoken cannot be hindered, but disobedience and faithlessness is the core problems of many Christians”
Rev. Taiwo also emphasized that no matter the level fasting and prayers a Christian has attended, if still doubting God in faith and work in disobedience the fasting and prayers are vanities.
He warned Christians in the world not to give chance or allow fear to limit their faith in God. Work against fear of possibilities. Fear is a magnet and anti-faith.
Rev. Bello while admonishing his congregations, also described faith as the heavenly currency to earthly realities in exchange, therefor they should guide against anxiety, procrastination, past experiences, reports from the professionals, fearful dreams, perceptions, and revelation, rather they should trust, obey and have total faith in God so the can swim on their victory over life challenges.

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