Tinubu’s presidency suffers spiritual setback as Prophet Esien holds night vigil to invoke heaven against his 2023 ambition

By Divine Sam

Prophet Isaac Essien the general overseer of SUPREMACY GOSPEL MINISTRY has warn Nigerians against accepting the presidential aspiration of the National leader of the All progress Congress Mr. Asiwaju Tinibu in 2023.

Prophet Essien said the presidential aspiration of the former Lagos state Governor is an advocate of malpractice in Governance and his intention is for a continuous impoverishment of Nigerians.
Adding that his presidency will subject Nigerians to abject poverty and difficulties with anti-progressive activities that will unleash more attacks on the innocent Nigerians.

Prophet Essien ministering against Tinubu

The prophet said Tinibu’s presidential aspiration is already suffering from spiritual depression, because his aspiration is coming with a devilish agenda to spread corruption to the nooks and crannies of state in Nigeria,

He noted that already his health and age wise is underway to truncate his ambition.

The members responding in prayer section against Tinubu’s presidential aspiration

The man of God called on Nigerians to consider what they’re passing through in the current administration, the level of distraction in insecurity and poor governance, noting that all these caused zero human development and infrastructure. He described Tinibu’s presidential ambition as already failed project in the Nation.

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