Which of Arsene Wenger’s Player VS Sir Alex Ferguson’s Player Has Become The Best Manager?


Wenger vs Ferguson was the fiercest-ever Premier League dugout battle – years on, as Mikel Arteta faces Michael Carrick, how do the two old masters’ legacies compare with their disciples?

When Arsene Wenger arrived on English shores in 1996, it started a rivalry with Sir Alex Ferguson that would come to define the drama and spectacle of the Premier League.

25 years on and their presence still reigns supreme in their respective corners of the country. Arsenal are currently managed by Mikel Arteta, who’s spoken recently about his desire to get Wenger back at the training ground; Manchester United have just sacked one legend in Ole Gunnar Solskjaer, putting another in interim charge in Michael Carrick. Ralf Rangnick is waiting in the wings, of course, but Carrick is still at the wheel for the Gunners’ visit.

So, which of Ferguson and Wenger have the better disciples? We’re not going to trawl through every single ex-player from each ofcourse, but here are some of the best, some of the worst and some that the jury are still out on for each legend. In no particular order ofcourse.

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