Who is Gov Makinde’s enemy in Ayegun Oleyo Road Ibadan?

By Divine Sam:

Democracy is the government of the people, by the people and for the people “Abraham Lincoln

One of the cardinal objectives of Democracy spelt as out by Abraham Lincoln in this definition is the “people” making the people especially at the grassroots to feel the impact of governance, dividends of democracy through provision of good roads and other Basic amenities.

It is not enough for Government to channel all efforts and prowess to painting, renovating and beautifying the urban cities to impress visitors while the rural areas are left untouched, it is hypocritical system of Government and deceitful.

This is a typical example of the current situation in Ayegun Oleyo Ona Elewe road Ibadan Oyo State under the watch of Engr. Seyi Makinde as the executive Governor of Oyo State.

The high level of accidents happening daily in this very bad road is worrisome and it has undoubtedly increased the sufferings of people living in that area. Describing the state of the road as worrisome, is even an understatement as the condition of the road is nothing to write home about.

In fact, the state of of Oleyo Ona Elewe road off Akala Expressway in Ibadan is horrendous and fearsome, especially in this stormy raining season.

It is even more diatressing that despite the series of accidents and precious lives lost on this death trap called road, the government, whose primary responsibility is fix such bad roads, is not indicating interest or showing any to repair the bad road.

Consequently, one may be propelled to ask certain questions which may help us understand the interest of the Governor in repairing the bad road.
Is it that the number one political enemy of the state Governor Engr. Seyi Makinde is living in Oleyo road? or, is it that the road is slated to be used as a means of campaign topic in 2023 general election? Perhaps, these are the factors or some primary reasons the Governor is not paying a listening ear to the lamentations of the people who, on daily basis, ply the same deplorable route to run their businesses and otherwise.

Possibly, the friendly Governor Seyi Makinde has his personal reasons for not responding to the cry of the poor masses whose means of survival are not related to politics.
Perhaps, the down to earth Governor Makinde is reserving the dead trap route to attract the attention of the people in 2023, please let the peace loving Governor wears the shoes of the people. if this same road was leading to his house, won’t he fixed it up in his first 100 days in office? Or if the Governor was to lived in this area won’t he order his works commissioner to quickly fix up the road in less than six months to enable him and his convoy drive safely to work daily? What is good for the goose is also good for the gander.

If truly you mean well for the people, the residents of Oleyo should not be left out in your developmental strides. If your second term is important then, there is need to treat the electorates’s importance too. This can be done by attending to their urgent needs through intervention on the bad Oleyo Ayegun Ona road road that has become territory for accident on daily basis.

Some pictures of the bad road;

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  1. Yes,thank you to the writer about the extraordinary bad road of odo ona elewe, oleyo and ayegun road. This road is nothing but a death trap for both residents and businesses owners there. Amala express is presently under repairs why not extend it to the aforementioned areas to the peace livelihood of the users. I remember I reported this issue last year during the pandemic on Gov Seyi Makinde group on fsce book but no response till today. So pls our dearest Governor Makinde should pls reason with us and do the needful about this roads.

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