Why Ifeanyi Nwoye is Enugu’s best option for Governor in 2023 || By Ebenezer Egbo

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For many years, our beloved Enugu state has been the pride of the east. Much more than being home to a great academic institution and having a history of being the administrative capital of the old eastern region, Enugu state, led by some of the brightest men in all of the eastern region, performed far better than her sister states to an extent that no one dare compare Enugu to other states in the east in terms of development. At the national level, Enugu state never fell out of the top 5 states.

Things have fallen apart.

Like a star crashing down to the earth and like the proverbial fall from grace, our beloved state is now struggling and currently being left in the shadows of other fast growing states. The Poverty rate is high. Industrial activity is practically dead, infrastructure is decaying, we are no where at the top in any of the development index, unemployment rates have never been this bad and the general standards of living is nothing to write home about.

This is not the Enugu of our dreams.

Our beloved state is at a point in its history where it needs a pragmatic leader with the vision and skill to prepare and transform the state into a 21st century economic hub. Enugu needs a leader that will lead the state into regaining its lost glory as the star of the eastern region.

Enugu needs a man who can harness the agricultural potentials of the state to spearhead an agricultural revolution that has never been seen in the whole of Africa. Enugu needs a man who can transform the state into an industrial zone with several industrial clusters of companies and factories. A man who can tap into the talents of our young ones to build an entertainment and technology hub whose successes will be talked about around the world. We have the potentials to be rated the fastest growing city in Africa and this is why we need a man who can develop and implement an infrastructural development agenda that will put our state on the world’s map. A man that can make us proud to be called ndi Enugu again.

Such a man must be intelligent. He must have the experience, competency, vision, guts and the fear of God. Rev. Dr Ralph Nwoye is that man.

Rev. Ralph is from Nara in Nkanu East Local Government Area of Enugu State and has served as a former deputy governor and commissioner thus he has the experience and firsthand knowledge of the workings of governance and its machinery in Enugu state. He was a local government vice chairman, chairman caretaker committee over seeing all the local government, vice chairman pilgrims board, commissioner for utilities and environment respectively. Chairman transition committee from the Sullivan administration to Governor Ugwuanyi and served as the vice chairman state PDP reconciliation committee. Coordinated a successful VEC campaign ( Visit Event Church) during the gburu gburu campaign. As one who has worked in the three administrations that has governed Enugu since 1999, from Chimaroke to Ugwuanyi, he is not just experienced in Enugu state governance but is in best position to build on the successes of the last administration as well as amend where they made mistakes.

Trained in the best schools in Nigeria and in the United States of America, Ralph has the brains and the network to develop domestic investment and attract foreign partners to Enugu state. As a man of God, he can be trusted to steer the finances of the state prudently and enshrined the principles of accountability and transparency in the Governance of Enugu state. Rev. Ralph is a no nonsense reformer with a strong will to bring back to life all the dead sectors of the Enugu state economy. Ralph will create jobs by creating a favorable environment for business to thrive in the state. Old industries will return. New industries will emerge. Opportunities will be limitless for our youths and every one will be get the tools and chance to live their best lives. Under a Ralph administration, Enugu will create many great records. Ndi Enugu will be respected again and Enugu will be great again.

Rev Ralph Nwoye is that man we need to build the Enugu of our dreams. If the desire of ndi Enugu is to make Enugu great again, then our best option is the gentleman Reverend.

Ebenezer Egbo writes from the United Kingdom.

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