Why Nigerians Must be Wary of Foreign Support for the #EndSARS movement

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The #EndSARS movement has attracted both domestic and international support. Following the increased donations and funding of the movement by foreigners. Former Presidential Aspirant, Adamu Garba has called for caution. Adamu raised a point on why Nigeria has to be wary of foreign support for public demonstrations, especially in funding.
It may not be a popular opinion at this time, no matter how you would want to hastily pass judgment on Adamu, I think I see sense in what Adamu Garba was saying. Inasmuch as the protest and demonstrations are in the right order, We should be careful of the donations and interference, particularly from western countries. This is how they sponsor rebellion, this is how they change regimes and sponsor instability, most times, the host country may never recover. Foreign Donations and support to movements like this might be genuine or backed by sinister motives. If the latter is the case, we stand a risk of watching these protests slip out of its original course and onto a path of disaster.
As a matter of political strategy, When an enemy wants to strike, they wait for a perfect time. That perfect time is usually when there is public unrest, or a public outcry, or an ongoing political instability. The motives of this protest can be infiltrated by warmongers and regime changers who are mostly from the west. When they succeed in doing this, the protest is hijacked and rebel groups emerge. In the case of Nigeria, there is already more than one rebel group standing on the sidelines. The event that follows is likely going to be chaotic and given the complexities and highly polarised nature of Nigeria, it is more likely to end up like Syria than Egypt, like Libya than Algeria, and like Vietnam than Tunisia. Western interference in issues like this should be treated with high suspicion and alertness. For you, the EU, US, and UK government and other international powers support the #EndSARS movement, for them, it could be more than that. This could be their perfect opportunity to strike and battle over who gets to control the enormous resources in Nigeria. If this is their motive, it will be very easy to take advantage of the division in the country. We could get to a point where You would have a Russian-backed North and a US-backed South based on the different perceptions of the two regions to the #EndSARS thing. Foreign donations like this are sometimes like foreign loans, the way foreign loans could destroy our economy is the way foreign donations and funding of public demonstrations can destroy our polity.
By the time this happens, the protesters would have lost it. Then we will be forced to face the fire that burns. Nigeria may not survive it, neither will any region because it may amount to an violent endless struggle for the control of power in a war-torn Nigeria or in the new nations that may emerge afterward. In the end, we all lose. This is why the federal government is right to be wary of foreign support and interference for the #EndSARS movement.
The demands of the protest are in order. The grievances of Nigerians at this time are genuine but nevertheless, there is a need to watch and watch well.
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