Chairmanship: Group kick against second term, pass a vote of no confidence on council helmsman. By Divine Sam


Executive Chairman of Abak LGA, Barr. IMO Williams

The second term ambition of the Executive Chairman of Abak LGA, Akwa Ibom state Barr Imo Williams is beginning to encounter difficulties and Waterloo.
This is because one of the political Organisations in Abak LGA known as “solidarity for good governance” has kicked against second term aspiration of the council boss.
The group headed by Amb. Victor Edem and Mrs Janet Inyang as secretary respectively during their NEC meeting vehemently rule against the second term intention of the Executive Chairman.
Speaking to NEWSIE EVENT correspondent after the NEC meeting the National Chairman amb. Victor Edem said that the council helmsmen Barr Imo Williams is acting comedy to think of second term in a hurry, considering his running order in the council using his younger brothers to fraud people and dupe those who work under his administration.
He said if there is any Chairman of the council that has validly brought shame and disgrace to Abak, it’s the incumbent Chairman.
According to him, Mr Williams has been suspended because of his cultism administration in the council and described him as a man with zero human interest.
Victor noted with wonders that Abak LGA is the only council in the state where a brother is the Chairman and his immediate younger brother is the chief of staff, yet the people ignorantly ignored such foolishness as if there is no other person’s from the 11 wards and 5 clans of Abak that can perform same duty.
Victor narrated that the duo is currently running a government of cultism, fraudulent and lies telling in the area, “today he will tell you this, tomorrow he tells you different thing entirely, in the next one minute meet the same man and he will tell you a different story. Abak does not deserve this type of arrogant fill and power desperate politician as Executive Chairman”
Amb Edem said Williams has created a crisis within the Local Government, even his ward, is not at peace with him, because he feels that, since he is the Executive Chairman he should step on People’s toes.
Moreover, his brothers also have become overnight “armed robbers” because they want to create wealth overnight for themselves. Is this the type of person that should dare the second term?
Victor challenge the councilman to point one outstanding projects he has initiated in his administration for more than two years in the office, aside from running the council as if it is a family business he said ” Imo Williams should come here and tell Abak people his achievement, the office he is staying is the achievement of his predecessors”
We have concluded everything about Imo . We will not entertain any interruption and plea for any action on his second term. He is already facing unfriendly atmosphere and Waterloo, he said.
The National coordinator also stressed that the Group stand to be corrected that Imo Williams has not achieved anything since his resumption of office in 2017, but alleged that the councilman has bought houses, Hotels, hostels, expensive cars and acquired properties within and outside the state, but can not paid the debt of people he owned in the area. Does he possess a quality of someone who should dare mentioned second term?
The group leader noted with earnest that Abak LGA has grown beyond having an irresponsible person as Chairman of the council and that is why the group in their NEC meeting made the resolutions that they will never support any intention by the party to Imposed Imo for a second term in office, Incase there is such plan.
Talking on the alleged disrespectful conducts of the Executive Chairman Amb Edem recalled that several times he has gotten complaints from heads of administrations on how the councilman pointed insolence fingers on people that have achieved better than him. It shows how arrogant and power-drunk Imo Williams is, the position of the Executive Chairman of Abak LGA is not for childish behaviour.
He said, the group due to the ineffective performance and zero credibility of Imo Williams in the council we hereby pass a vote of no confidence on him and asked him to vacate office for a better candidate in the next administration.
“We will not give up this fight, the governor must hear and know the decision of masses that Imo Williams is a devil in a sheep garment, that Imo Williams is piloting the affairs of the council as his family business if cultism must let go in Abak LGA, if fraudulent activity must go, then Imo Williams has to go and that is the final decision and stand of majority of Abak people.