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We can not all of a sudden pretend Nigeria is a matured and detribalised country where it does not matter where the president comes from just because it is the turn of South East (Igbo) to produce the president.
All of a sudden, people, even very educated people we felt were reasonable are beginning to change the definition of justice and equity.
Let me be bold here to say that what is happening in Nigeria today is a calculated action plan by all political regions/zones in Nigeria against South East (Igbo).

From the coalition of presidential aspirants from the North to the presidential aspirations of Bola Tinubu and Vice president Osibanjo to the presidential aspiration noise of Governor Wike and his brother Amechi to that of governor Yahaya Bello. In all these, their common goal is to make sure an Igbo man does not become president of Nigeria.

PDP, a party that have thrived with the doctrine of zoning’ all of a sudden is fighting a doctrine that is provide for in her constitution just to stop an Igbo man from becoming a president.
They bring up arguments of presenting a candidate that has capacity to win election first.
To this argument I ask, what capacity did Obasanjo, Yaradua, Jonathan and even Buhari have before they were chosen based on zoning and people rallied around them to create the capacity?

Barrister Enyinnaya Nwosu

As young children growing up in the East, there was a very strong official rumour that no Igbo man is allowed to become president of Nigeria, head of Army, navy, airforce, police or customs. As we grew older from events and realities seen on ground, it appeared like that rumour was in fact true. We kept believing that we will overcome such situations and have worked so hard and sacrifice more than anybody else to the unity and development of the country.
Therefore, it comes as a thing of great pain that the whole Nigeria will unite to deny Igbo people their turn at the presidency of Nigeria in 2023 half a century after the civil war.

I must however warn Nigeria that such a calculated action against Igbo people will not go unnoticed and that Igbo people will not fold their arms and watch such humiliation and exclusion from Nigeria.

Nigeria has two options. They either integrate Igbo fully back into Nigeria or allow them to go on their own. You cannot refuse a people the full rights of being part of a federation and yet refuse them to go. This is injustice.

From situations on ground, I can predict that what IPOB is doing now will be a child’s play compared to what will happen should the Igbo people be denied the presidency.
It will clearly justify IPOB’s position and clearly show that Nigeria does not want Igbo. It will be clear to Igbo elites that Igbo has not been integrated into Nigeria. It will serve as a motivation for every Igbo to join the “struggle and agitation”.

I therefore advise Nigeria to think again before this great alliance against Igbo people. It may be the beginning of the END OF NIGERIA.

Ebube Agu na eche Agu.

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