Kenyan Professor questioned Nigerian lawmakers; Are you honorable members or horrible members?

Patrick Lumumba, a former Director of Kenya Anti-Corruption Commission, has questioned the Nigeria’s House of Representatives to answer whether they are “honorable or horrible members” of the National Assembly.
Lumumba ask this question at the launch of the Green Chamber magazine, a publication of the House of Representatives in Abuja on Wednesday, noting that they must perform above expectations.
He said the lawmakers must beget good things for the country, and not midwives who “kill the children of the creator.”
His words: “You are the successors of Nigeria’s great leaders. The question that you must ask yourself now that you have been given the honor and privilege of serving Nigeria, you should ask yourself, are you honorable members of horrible members.
“The question as to whether you are honorable is determined by the service that you render to people. When we read the magazine, we want to see the works that you have done. And we want to see honorable members, not horrible members.
“Now that Nigerians have given you the opportunity to think for them, the question is: are you midwives of the good things for Nigeria or are you midwives that kill the children of the creator.
“Today you are the leaders, even as I am congratulating you, ask yourself do you deserve to be congratulated.
“Nigeria should be in the same space economically as Germany is and the same space, politically, as the United States is.”