PFN President Abak chapter urges Believers to eschew bitterness- By Divine Sam.

Pentecostal Fellowship of Nigeria (PFN) Abak chapter in Akwa Ibom State has called on Christians to key into the spirit of holiness and togetherness in their relationship with one another.
The PFN President Abak chapter and the general oversea of Great shepherd Church Abak Rev. Dr. Goodwin Etette made this called during a get together of the Christian body which took place recently Great Shepherd Headquarters Abak LGA

Bishop Elijah Mboho and the PFN president Rev. Etette posing in a group picture with other members

The man of God stressed the need for believers to be at peaceful coexistence with one another.
Rev. Etette also summon the believers of Christ in the area to embrace love, peace, and unity with their neighbours.
The G.O again emphasizes the need for Christ Believers to eschew bitterness, hatred and join hands to steer the ship of the Gospel towards greater peace and prosperity in the nation.
The holiness preacher and General oversea also used the medium to called on religious leaders in the area to take a cue from the resilience and determination of Abak LGA and find ways to work together, rather than keep fanning the embers of divide and disunity.
He commended some fathers of faith for responding to the criticism by many, including the Pentecostal Fellowship of Nigeria (PFN), about its apparent reluctance to work in accord with other believers.
He saluted the efforts of the International president Good news community Arc Bishop Dr. Elijah Mboho who he described as a father in the faith.
The PFN President while wishing all the people a wonderful and prosperous New year, enjoined all Christians to celebrates with moderation, continue to uphold the nation in prayers and ensure that they remained Ambassadors of peace in their respective communities.
“Our prayer is that, as we take the gospel of God to all the nations of the world, which according to him such will experience the joy of rebirth in every area of salvation as a people. We wish everyone a rewarding 2020,” he said
In a get-together message on behalf of the Pentecostal family in Abak LGA, the National President of the Goodnews community Arc Bishop Elijah Mboho called on the believers to say a word of appreciation to God for keeping the nation and people together as one, assuring that only God’s plan for Nigeria will prevail, no matter the contrary plans and machinations of other religious groups.
He thanked God for those he said are still maintaining the clear message especially for helping younger ones to grow in the faith and overcome the prediction of doom and gloom that had come from different quarters of so-called church funders.
Taking his message from John 1:1-16 and Isaiah 60:1 enjoined the PFN body in Abak to lead by examples and avoid preaching the gospel that will cause others to backslide.
Mboho regretted that some preachers have turned the gospel into money venture which he vehemently frowned against and called on them to refrain from such anti activities and unchristian conducts.
Interestingly the event feature pryers, cake cutting, thanksgiving and lots more.