Feminism: A justification for patriarchy by Gerald Innocent

Gender equality, women empowerment, universal suffrage and what not; the list goes on. These are all variants associated with the umbrella word feminism.
What then is ‘FEMINISM’?
In a nutshell, as a friend/scholar and school father tersely puts it. Feminism basically is a rejection to patriarchy and all its values.
Contemporary society has evolved so much throughout time that many has forgotten the origin of society, oblivious of the fact that society is in a gradual retrogressive movement camouflaged as development back to that state of which it began. Hence, when I hear some ‘supposed feminists’ speak, I get so irritated to a point that for a minute or two, I forget I have a mom and a sister and I’m forced to reply harshly with facts which may or may not come off misogynistic, but I’m no misogynist.
I’ll just delve right into it. If there was to be a justification for the patriarchal society (male superiority) as opposed to the struggle for equality amongst all genders, it’ll probably be traced back to the traditional society, the days of the hunting and gathering men (survival of the fittest). Such can still be observed in wild animals. The man struggled to get what he has, and still struggles to keep what he has; and among those things is the female folks.
Same struggle now goes both ways in contemporary society which is good but as I mentioned earlier, society is still evolving and will continue to evolve. What happens then when society evolves to a state of anarchy (lawlessness), who would most of these so called feminists run to for protection?! We all know the answer to that.
Personally I don’t get why these feminists make a big deal out of this, the male folks get sidelined all the time by both their fellow men and a lot more by the women but you don’t hear us complaining. In fact, in many countries today, especially in Nigeria, it is a lot easier for the woman to achieve a better living standard than the man but most women relegate themselves and complain that they’re been overlooked, sidelined and underrated.
The bible already termed the female folks “the weaker vessels”. Even in heaven, there’s hierarchy and said hierarchy exists amongst the males too. My advice to those feminists who utter whatever to whoever whenever, the feminism struggle should be against the extremes of patriarchy.
Just because you can say anything doesn’t mean you should say everything!!