(Opinion) Leaked Memo: NSA, CoS Face-Off, ‘There’s No Smoke Without Fire’ By Ojiah Ridwan

The National Security Adviser (NSA), Major General Babagana Monguno (rtd), had frowned at the disruption if the National Security Framework and Meddlesomeness by the Chief of Staff (CoS) to the President, Abba Kyari.
There is no smoke without fire, as the wise would always say, the wife of the President, Her Excellency, Aisha Muhammadu Buhari, has always come out to say, that the government of her husband have been hijacked by the Cabal, and the recent face-off between the NSA and CoS have confirmed what the First Lady has been saying.
Is the President still in charge? Was the First Lady right? These are the two unanswered questions. Under his watch, DSS prevented EFCC from arresting former DSS DG in Abuja, and nothing happened thereafter. His CoS, SGF, NSA is always on each others neck.
It must be noted, that the CoS is not a presiding head of security neither is he sworn to an oath of defending the country, as such, unprofessional activities such as presiding over meetings with Service Chiefs and Head of Security Organisations to the exclusion of the NSA is a violation of the law.
Constitutionally, the Office of the National Security Adviser (ONSA), serves as an intermediary between the President and the Head of Security and Security Apparatus. It is the responsibility of the NSA to preside over the Joint Intelligence Board, Intelligence Committee and General Security Appraisal Committee on behalf of the President.
We must acknowledge the fact that the CoS to the President does not direst the security apparatus of the country and anything short of that is an illegal practice, that will continue to undermine the national security.
Honestly, if a confidential memo from the ONSA can be leaked to the public, spare yourself the thought of how info and military operations get leaked to Bandits and Terrorists.
The President must sit up and take charge, the security of life and property is the number one essence of government. Any compromise on the national security portends grave danger, that will blow the country no good. Any act capable of undermining the security of the country must be corrected, if not, it will be unfair to the men and women of the armed forces, who have given their all, including paying the Supreme Sacrifice, to keep us all safe.
God Bless the Federal Republic of Nigeria.
Ojiah Ridwan, a public affairs analyst.