Why You Should Avoid Anything That Can Lead You To Prison In Nigeria.- #Copied

One of the most prudent things you should do for yourself in Nigeria today is keeping out of trouble. One of the worst things that can happen to a person is to be sent to jail in Nigeria.
Jail in Nigeria is halfway house to hell. Maryam Sanda will probably never be executed, most Governor’s do not sign the death warrant anymore. Orji Kalu Uzor will probably never serve full-time.
But still, Nigerian prisons are like Nazi concentration camps. The food is calamitous, healthcare is none existent.
I have seen a prisoner holding his eyeball in his hand, it was still attached to his eye socket by a tendril. Someone used a spoon to scoop out his eyeball in a fight. The nurse was off duty. Nobody cared, he died.
I had a client once who was remanded in prison. He was HIV positive and did not tell me. Maybe that would have been further grounds for bail. He could not take his drugs and he relapsed. Before I could try to get him out it was too late, he died.
The food given to prisoners is not fit for human consumption, even animals should not be made to eat such rubbish. Meanwhile, huge sums of money have been budgeted for feeding prisoners.
Avoid trouble, in fact, flee from trouble. Anything that will involve police charging you to court is trouble. If you can kill a matter in the police station, by all means, do it. Stop shouting,
“I know my right!”
This is Nigeria. Your right and left can change anytime.
Police will definitely ask for big money if you have it and you suspect your case is not very solid kill the matter there. Even if you think you have a good case, this is Nigeria.
If your lawyer is shouting,
“we will meet in court!” in the Police station tell him to calm down.
It is your case, not his. The use of “we,” is merely figurative. He will not stand in the accused box with you.
Remember, it is not what you know that matters in court, it is what you can prove. Besides, this is Nigeria. Ihedioha can testify.
I was attacked once by a pedestrian in Lagos. The car I was inside brushed him slightly. I was not the one driving. I just told him to be more careful.
That is how the guy attacked me. He threw 4 punches, I blocked two and dodged two.
I had the opportunity to counter punch but I did not. I am not Anthony Joshua. A policeman eventually stopped him. I quickly removed myself from the scene.
I was happy enough I was not going home with a broken jaw, neither was I being charged for assault. Sometimes it is better to let some things go.
I do not mean that you should turn to everyone’s foot mat, but if you are going to take up an issue, ensure you are blameless, or almost blameless.
Avoid wahala. If people are beating up a thief do not join, or even stand and watch, even if it is your property that was stolen.
If someone hits your car, don’t start fighting because of that.
Do not lend people money. It hardly ends well.
Do not surety people you don’t absolutely trust.
Avoid too much night movement, and partying and clubbing.
Avoid people who cannot control their alcohol, they always start brawls.
Realize that a bad situation can always get worse, or better, depending on how you handle it.
Avoid people who talk too much.
Be wary with your speech. Do not talk about people behind their backs.
Always assume that someone is recording your speech and videoing your actions.
Even if someone comes with negative gossip about another person, do not say anything. If you talk, it is what you said that will somehow find its way to the person’s ear.
Stop saying things like,
” Do you know who I am?”
“I no dey fear anybody!”
“My yes is my yes and my no is my no!”
Finally, remember to keep your anger and ego in check, the world does not revolve around you, it revolves around the sun 🌞.