By Sophia Oghene
Two youths aspiring for the position of the local government chairman in Nsukka local government of Enugu state have been rejected by the youths in the area due to religious differences.
The aspirants Comr. Roy Ekwueme and Comr. Ekene Ugwuanyi of the All Peoples Party are traditional worshippers who openly practise their religion and encourage others to embrace the African traditional way of worship. They claimed that Christianity was a form of imperialism from the West. Their stance on religion did not go down well with the Nsukka youths as they have publicly told that except they repent and believe in Jesus Christ, the youths in the area would not support them.
The duo claimed they meant no harm despite the difference in their religious beliefs. The youths in the area are predominantly Christians and it is believed that the local government should produce a Christian leader which explains the revolt.
In the meantime, the duo is not discouraged by the present situation, they are however urging indigenes of the local government to support them so that the local government can be redeemed from the high-handedness of Chief Patrick Omeje, the incumbent chairman of Nsukka local government area.
Reports say the incumbent chairman is planning to go for a second term in office but some youths told reporters in confidence that the chairman has so far not performed well.
Ekene Sustanus, a stakeholder in Nsukka told reporters that ‘the present local government chairman is daft and has done nothing for the people. It is saddening that many youths have vowed to vote him for a second tenure because he is a Christian.’
As the popular saying goes, ‘the devil you know is better than the angel you do not know.’ This may be the case in the issue bedevilling the politics of Nsukka local government area.