HARD TRUTH By ‘Facts Are Facts’.

Greater percentage of married women are sexually frustrated in their marriage.
This has pushed some of them to masturbation, cheating, and use of artificial objects to satisfy their sexual needs.
You won’t hear this in church, and a majority of wives won’t be comfortable to share their struggles with their parents because they will be advised to endure since sex is not food, and they are also afraid of telling their husbands because for fear of being tagged a prostitute or a fornicator.
A lady told her husband about lubricant and they quarreled because to him, she has no right to know anything about lubricants or demand for sexual satisfaction.
Sometimes, the way and manner some married couples and adults talk about sex makes me wonder if this sex happens in the air and not in the human body.
If you don’t like sex or don’t wish to enjoy sex, then I will suggest that you consider not getting married. If you feel that you don’t owe your partner sexual satisfaction, why punish her/him by getting married?
Sex is not food, but sexual satisfaction in marriage is not optional. It is a need that God has made provisions for and a need that is inherent in human nature/race.
If you know within yourself that you will one day have sexual relations with the opposite sex, then you need sexual education and information about sex.

If you are married, please there is no need pretending to be saints or trying to be official when it comes to issues of sex. It will happen in your body, and both of you will participate in this intimacy, please open up and talk about it.
And when you feel like it, don’t be shy/or afraid to request for some good sex.
When it comes to sex, there is no head or tail, everybody is equal and has equal rights to sexual satisfaction.
If you feel any pain, or discomfort, please open up, and avoid faking what you have right to demand.
Bad sex can ruin a good marriage, and turn two lovebirds to enemies.
Men, it’s time for you to step up and give your partner some quality sex. It’s not in the banging but in the connection, communication, and your selfless desire to see her enjoy sex and blush in gratitude.
Ladies, please speak up, be open, bold, real, honest, and raw when it comes to your sexual needs.
You are married, and one of the ways to put your body to good use is in having quality sex with your partner.
I hope that you will create a beautiful sexual memory with your partner in 2020.